Mike Davis 1469 Pearson Ave SW Apt D Birm Al 35211

I have informed my landlord that my apt had bed bugs and he will not hire a real exterminator he sprays himself which doesn’t work and he’s not consistent and to top it off now I have rats in my apt and all he has done was put down traps and poison which I’ve done. I have a 3 year old that’s sick and he’s aware of this and I’m fed up cause I have to pay rent somewhere I’m not comfortable. I’ve thrown out thousands of dollars of furniture because of the bedbugs and I’m fed up. Then the stairs leading up to my apt needs to be fixed one step already broke thank god no one was hurt but instead of replacing all of the steps he only replaced the one. I have pics and videos of my evidence.

John Steffey 2531 McLaughlin Drive, Mobile AL 36606

It has been two months and we have not received our deposit of $650.00. We have made numerous request by phone, manager office, and mail with no response. Landlord – John Steffey has been ignoring my calls and messages so finally today, I called from another phone and talked to him. He advised that he is keeping the entire $650.00 for clean up and pet. Nothing in writting received as of today. I am filing a claim against him. 

5886 Castle Hunt / Katja White

Met Katja back in July, she was looking for a couple renters at the above address. $400/mo/room, all bills included. At first, this wasn’t terrible.

Fast forward a couple months, and she regularly throws frat parties disturbing the peace (police have been called twice), leaves unsanitary conditions (alcohol bottles from said parties littering the house), cuts off heating when temperatures drop below 40*, refuses to repair household items (plumbing), breaks into tenant rooms, and has stolen several small items. Renter beware. 

Lorettoco LLC

Purchased building from previous landlord. He said that he was not given our security deposit funds, and he is not responsible to pay them back.
A. If this was true he bought the place and was ok with several tenants all losing over $1,000 each.
B. It is against NY State law, he is responsible no matter what!

We will be taking him to court, do not rent from this company in troy.

Phil and Elkie

122 Second St. Troy, NY


500 23rd Street Phenix City, AL 36867

I’ve been renting from Glenn and Mary Cooper of 5120 Culpepper Dr. Phenix City, AL 36867 334-298-0393 for 11 years and have asked on numerous occasions for things to be fixed on this property. Over the years, they’ve collected almost $66,000 from me in rent and all they’ve ever bought for this house was $300 worth of discounted carpet which I had to lay and nothing was taken off of the rent nor was I compensated for. Asbestos siding is falling off the side of the house, the ceiling has been leaking with mold for years, a tree in the front yard is rotten and fell and hit my vehicle after I personally showed it to them, the kitchen floor is rising up, the plumbing is horrible, the back porch is rotted and these are just a few of the things. I was a few days late on my rent and I explained to them that I no longer had any income as my disability had been cut and that I had to find a job and they evicted me. Gave me 30 days to get out and then a few days later sent me a letter saying they were gonna charge $5 a day for the 30 days that I was still here and threatened to take me to court if I didn’t leave MY dishwasher and refrigerator here. There was a dishwasher and refrigerator here when we moved in but they were extremely old. When they finally went out, we called the landlords and told them about it and they claimed that they didn’t put a dishwasher in here and that we had to buy our own. So we did and now they’re trying to keep mine, which isn’t gonna happen. These people are horrible, greedy and lazy. 

Terrace Hill Apt, 4111 Westcity Ct, El Paso, Texas 79902 Gaby Contreras-Manager

I have made a police report on my neighbors and report to the Border Patrol; because they are foreign students. Gaby Contreras stated that they do not get in the middle of neighbors issues. So I became my own Advocate. I hired a Lawyer; with that said, my upstairs neighbors heard me Lawyering up. They thought I was lawyering up to sue Gaby Contreras and that was absolutly bogus. She immediatly asked me into her office and started screeming at me. That how dare I Lawyer up and that she was fed up me sending emails and letter that sounded threatening. What really happen is that the letter I sent was to a new guy that is working their by the name of Able. I told him that I was Terminally Ill, in many ways, and that in my times I not only was a Bank Official but had 15 part-time jobs and went to school since the age of 15. I took care of mother whom died of cancer in 1991. I asked him when have you given back to society as far as paying for groceries, medication or a meal for someone poorer than we. I asked him to get a real job….then you will rememer me. (My past). Gaby jumped to conclusions that I was threatening them. I made a report to the Chief of Police; thus creating her to send a Police Unit to take me to the emergency room for Phy. evaluations. I was their from 4PM untl 1:00AM. The doctor, a couple security gaurds state that they felt I should not be thier. The doctor passed by my room ans said, “you are still here-I will get down to this immediatly. So I kicked back had dinner at their expense. When a gentleman from MHMR arrived and did an accessment on me he ask the following questions. Are you trying to harm yourself or other? I said no, that is against my Religion. Are you trying to commit suicide. I said no, that would be a stupied contridiction on what I am trying to build in my life. He ask me what were my goal. I said that I am trying to write a Biography of my life and I am in the process of Purchasing a home. I also added that Gaby Contreras was doing this as “Pay Back” because of what I stated on the letter; “to get a real job.”. I guess the shoe fit her. She has not only become a threat to my live but a daily threat to my illnesses. I am a survivor of HIV for the past 15 years, Manic-Depressive/Bi-Polar, might have back and right let surgery, have had to be placed on Lithum to calm my nervse. I attend a Counselor, Group Sessions and Phy. and of course Dr. Calianga for my HIV, Dr. Bean for my back, Dr. Tan for my Sleep Apnea, because I am HIV i have to attend a Dentist and an Eye Doctor to see if the HIV is not effecting either. It has becomae effecting my eyes and do wear eye glasses. I come from a family of Cancers; so I have had my postrate examined every year and have to go through other Personal Medical Procedures. I have told Gaby and her staff that STRESS!!!!!!!!!!! is a big factor in me going from HIV to full blown AIDS. Gaby seems not to care. The upstairs neighbors are 20 years old and everything have been handed to them, A Jeep and a BMW. I asked Gaby to check who should or should not be living there and she ignored me. I spoke about this to one of my case managers at Section 8. He stated that it is a know fact that Landlord prefer regular tenant and look down on Section 8 tenents. I don’t know why, they are still getting paid by me and Section 8!? So I have been served with an eviction notice to move out by the end of 2/28/2013; which I already prepaired with a UHAUL and Man Power. Gaby Contreras has been reported to the Section 8 Program and they might loss the contract with section because of what has happen. This time I have spoken to my Attorneys regarding her; she should or has received a letter by them already. I will be expecting my deposit back for I need it for Medical bills and pay back my UHAUL whom said,not to work about using it all day long. I will work with you and even Walgreens-whom I am very well known and liked have provided me with boxes. Also, Albertsons store Manager-which I know personally has been helping me. The President/COB of Habitat for Humanity-child friend of mind will be helping if need be with trucks and his personal help. I feel that Gaby Contreras has crossed the line of her Managerial Job. Her Manager Jessica wants nothing to do with this issue; she voiced that to Gaby Contreras and Gaby related that to me. If I try calling Jessica and knows it is me; she will diffenetly not answer her phone, I have been in a Managerial Position under the direction of Vice-President of Audit for Wells Fargo Bank. I am a Retired Bank Officer-under the direction of Brig. Gen. John L. Oblinger whom was asked to run for Major. I will leave you with this information, I am a commentor for Mr. Obama, have written to Her Royal Majesty regarding the Economic issues on China, USA and England and she responded. The asst-manager of this complex stated that for being here for 4 years that my carpets were in great shape and that I had an elegant apartment. I attended Fashion-Personal/Business Etiquette School with for Miss America, Laura Martinez, Harring back in the early 80’s. I am a Professional Interior Designer through a correspondence school (Sheffield Shcool) in N.Y.,N.Y. and have been envolved with my Catholic community since the age of 14. I have traveled for the bank and have made Promo Commercials and travel and worked part-time for the El Paso Diocese under the direction of Bishop Pena and Father Manny at Our Lady of the Light and that is only a tiny part of what I have done and accompliched in my life. Thank you for your utmost attention to this matter, Shalom, Ramiro Portillo  

2862 Churchill, Auburn Hills MI 48326 NC Development Group

In October of 2012 After move in the bathroom wall grew a very large group of three mushrooms out of the crack in the bathroom wall. Lanlord took a number of weeks to fix this. They cut the Mushrooms and sealed the wall. A smell began after this was fixed in my kitchen the same wall that shares that bathroom wall. After three visits for them smell the Landlord said the mushroom and smell was my fault due to water from the bathroom. One of my children since move in began to be ill. I was sent to an allergy specialest who said my child is sick due to a mold allergy and my child was placed on two meds at 7 shes never had to have. A request was sent to the lanlord to correct and was ignored. Last month in another location away from the first another mushroom grew up from a windowcille in the bathroom. I cut the mushroom and dumped bleach over it muself. My child has begone to be ill again worse and was sent to childrens hospital to be placed now on 4 medications that shes never had to have for another allergic reaction to mold. My landlord has ignored these attempts to look forthur into the mold saying i made “pointless request”. I have pictures of both mushroom issues, as well as docs reports for my child to prove shes never benn ill before. Additionally at the end of last summer november are a mushroom as larg as my 7 year old grew in the yard and a picture was taken. Nothing would kill it and i additioanlly took that picture also.  

Angeli Gohel 2003 southgate blvd Houston, TX

This landlord and the owners of 2003 southgate blvd, Houston TX are evil crooks. They made false claims and are not returning my security deposit out of pure greed. They bought the building without ever seeing my apartment and are now claiming that damages that were there since the day I moved in are my fault even though they have absolutely no proof. They are evil ruthless crooks and no one should ever live in this building. They lie, cheat and steal and Angeli is the devil. They charged me 50$ more a month than other tenants because they are greedy ruthless filthy criminals.