Derba West 9413 Stuart Circle Eagle River, AK 99504

After returning from leave, my husband is active dute, before he deployed to Afghanistan, we asked our landlord if we could get out of the lease early. We needed to live somewhere less expensive and I did not feel comfortable staying in a 3 bedroom house by myself. My husband had decided he was not going to re enlist so we could go home and take care of his father who is very ill and living in a large home he plans to leave to us when he is gone. We needed to save money and I needed to go back to school so I could get a good job after we go home. In an email the landlord Debra West said they would let us out of the lease no problem, but they needed to find a new renter as soon as possible. She asked us to pay decembers month rent in full, our 30 days notice was up on Dec 15, 2011, and if they found a renter we would get re embursed for the month of December. After December passed, and we had moved out/cleared the house including final walkthrough/had carpets cleaned all before Dec 15 Deb emailed me and told me I either had to move back in or just flat out pay January and Februarys rent in full including utilities. Not only did she go back on her word but after having a friend who has been a landlord in alaska for 15 years said the lease she had written was the poorest, worst worded lease she had ever read. Seeing as it was our first lease we did not know any better. While staying there the downstairs bathroom had a leak in the ceiling above the shower. The leak was not brought to our attention and it looked like they had done a half ass job trying to repair it the first time after the “property manager” (Debs 75 year old step father Herb) had put a hole in the ceiling to let it dry out. When we moved out there was black mold growing where they never completely fixed the problem, they said they fixed it but had covered the hole and we never realized there was mold until it started leaking again right before we moved out. Debra West seems like a nice reasonable woman at first but she is shady and she goes back on her word so she cannot be trusted. She resides outside of the state and leaves any repairs that need to be dealt with to her step father Herb who is elderly and tries his hardes but is not always dependable.