Kenneth Wirzfeld

I have rented a home from Kenneth Wirzfeld for a year in a half and I have been the perfect tent I payed my rent on time like clock work. I did repairs the the home out of my own money. I gave him a 30 notice when I moved out of the home. Despite all this he still kept my deposit when aske to give a reason that he kept my deposit he stated that the floor was dirty that that there were hole in the wall. All this was a lie. Sincerely, Art Stokenbury 

2414 madison 7505, huntsville, ar, 72740, Jimmy

My husband and I (mostly me) have been having issues with our landlord, Jim “James” Whittle, for several months now. If we have company over for dinner or just to visit, he wants them to leave immediately. My two nieces are staying with us for the summer and they dont want them there at all. The landlord and his wife enter our home whenever they choose, more often than not when they believe no one is there. My 14 year old son woke up yesterday morning as the landlord and his wife were walking into my bedroom. They proceeded to ask him who he was..must of been a moment of memory loss going on considering we have been living here for a year now. They told my son we were going to have to move! My husband went to there house which happens to be right next door, after work yesterday to find out what the deal was and they informed him that we needed to take my nieces to a foster home and drop them off and he would pay his taxes and we could pay ours and be done with them. He also stated that we were going to hell for accepting interracial relationships and having interracial children live with us (my nieces). He told my husband that he needed to “control your wife and her decisions”. My husband told him that we were giving him a 30 day notice right then and there and that we had already spoken to an attorney about him entering our home without notice or permission. This man is silver tongue devil!! He will make you believe that he is one of the greatest men on this planet but as soon as you turn your back or get comfortable a whole other side comes out. This is the first time he has ever spoken to my husband about anything he felt we were doing wrong. The other times he has had a complaint (usually bc of family being at our house) he approached me while my husband was at work. He has told me that he couldn’t imagine my dad or my husband being proud of me for allowing my mom to stay at my home with her hispanic boyfriend for 2 weeks while they were moving between states!! I wasn’t going to allow them to live in the truck while they looked for a house!! We are now in the process of trying to find another place to live which isn’t an easy task in the town we live in, there just isn’t enough housing available. Please beware of these nasty people! And FYI they will not rent to you if you are not white and married, no homosexual, biracial, interracial, none caucasian person will be approved which is also discrimination!!