Carmen Campos 574 sw 132nd terrace davie fl 33325

myself and my husband have been renting a room with our 5 year old son for my landlord Miss Carmen Campos I currently paid Miss Campos $2,000 in February to fix my home. Due to black mold collapsing ceilings and Floors electrical problems with my breaker box as well as infestation of termites roaches and spiders. I continue to pay Miss Campos from the month of February to May when there was nothing improved in my home I stopped paying her she then took me to court and won her case with that being said code enforcement was contacted and deemed the home to be uninhabitable and then everyone needed to leave immediately. I would like to make sure if you’re looking in the south Florida area you do not rent for Miss Campos or anyone affiliated with her I’m trying to prevent any future tenants issues that I’m going through

Rafiqul Paiker, 2920 E. Lindell Ave, Tampa, FL, 33610

I moved out in July 31, 2018 and the Landlord at 2920 Lindell Ave Tampa, FL 33610 decided that he wasn’t going to give me my deposit. I’ve tried calling,texting, and emailing him but he won’t respond and I’m a single mother of 3 kids, I just lost my job and I could really use the money. He’s upset that I moved in the 1st place. The area was unsafe and he doesn’t like to fix things in a timely manner. I hope this helps someone else and helps me get my money in return his name is Rafiqul Paiker his number is 813-842-2637.

202 Kaylor Drive Auburndale, Fl 33823 Slumlord in Auburndale Florida

I am having a problem with my daughter’s landlord. She just moved into a mobile home at 202 Kaylor Drive Auburndale, Fl 33823. There is mold in the kitchen cabinets, The windows were sealed shut and the frames are falling apart, the Central Air does NOT work, and there are exposed electrical wires that have ALREADY caused a fire.

She moved in to this unit with two roomates and 1 of them is pregnant and due in a month. My daughter has heat exhaustion and heat stroke and this rental has NO air coming in. Who can I report this to?

When they first viewed the rental, the managing agent told them that it needed work but that the work WOULD GET DONE. Now, the management agent is a “ghost” and the landlord does NOT want to make any “costly” repairs.

Marchi Apartments Owner Michael Roman

We moved in September 2016 and rented through a Property management company, by December 2016 the property managers dropped the owner for non payment and 7 huge violations in the city for June 2016 that weren’t fixed and 8 in November 2016 that still are NOT fixed. He threatened me of eviction if I didn’t stop calling on him, he owes my husband $986 in electrical work that he was asked to do in the complex, and was told he would either credit our rental account,or pay him directly which he didn’t do either of them. We have raw sewage coming up in our tub and sinks and all outside in front of our apartment, we had no oven/stove for 3 months, a broken out window for over 2 months of the room that my grandson sleeps in, mind you the temperature was dropping into the 30’s at night,his way of fixing it after all that time was plexi glass and tape. When we moved in the apartment was roach infested, we were supposed to have monthly pest control which never happened either. Theres black mold in pretty much every unit, the building structures are falling apart and rotting inside and out. After I called numerous times he threatened me again in person, I gave him a 7 day notice to fix the problems or I was with holding rent. He begged me for more time which I was reluctant to give him but agreed, but was still with holding rent just stopped calling,and instead of him using the time to fix anything he filed an eviction for non payment of rent, I responded to my eviction putting no money in the registry but the judge still gave me a hearing, I was leaving for court at 9:45am because my hearing was scheduled for 10am and the city showed up insisting to come in my apartment for the second time in less then 2 weeks, even though I told them that I had to leave for court, I got inside the courthouse at exactly 10am and the sheriff advised me that my hearing was over and the other parties were already gone, I have a lot of illegal stuff that hes done and doing with proof of it all, and they wanted to keep me out of that court room. His ledger that had my payments didn’t match the one I had from the property management company his was whited out and recopied and mine was the original, the amounts were all different, he won the hearing but got no money other then filing fees and posession of the property, leaving us with no where to go. He refused my unit the bug spray service that happened 1 time in all the months. If you ever come to New Smyrna Beach Florida looking for a place to rent DO NOT RENT FROM MICHAEL ROMAN…AKA Golfview villas of NSB LLC. The sign outside still says Marchi apartments however and the address is 1050 Wayne Ave. New Smyrna Beach Florida, 32168 even though the buildings are now in condemned status hes still underhandedly renting them out and charging a lot more then hes supposed too, hes having people put the money in a random bank account and to text him when they do it, then he sends them down the the new maintenance people who are 18 years old to sign the lease and hand them the keys. He lies to everyone about the place being condemned but its public record, so my advice to any renters, look up the property before paying any money and getting stuck like we all did. There are several news reports on this place and Michael Roman named as the slum lord of the year, check out channel 9 news website and watch the stories, Im on there along with several other tenants. He lives in Brooklyn New York and the address he gives comes back to a section 8 housing building yet he can purchase a property in Florida for $1.3 million and now the property value is only worth $188,000 and he has 2 mortgages still owing $950,000. I don’t only blame him I blame the city who has let it go this long, giving multiple chances, and nothing being done, he may have evicted me leaving my family with no options right now, but I am in school for law and I will continue to press these issues until something is done, and he faces the real world. 

2100 NW 83RD AVE, Sunrise FL 33322 Evevett Finklea

Evevett Finklea is the landlord at 2100 NW 83RD AVE Sunrise FL 33322. I moved in April 2017, the home was not in good conditions, the roof was leaking water in the home, roaches in the home, water coming up from tile floors, mold started building in parts of the home. The landlord would cut corners when fixing the problems in the home. I had no privacy in the home, the landlord would knock on my room window or enter through the garage door with code without any notice given. The landlord sent two unlicensed guys to the home at 8 am in the morning to so call fix the roof, the guys didn’t leave until 9 pm that night, no notice was given to me by the landlord. I called a licensed roofing company to come out and look at the roof and was told that the roof needed to be replaced or the roof would cave in.The landlord didn’t replace the roof, she had the guys patch up parts of the roof. I informed the landlord that the motor in the pool needed to be replaced, and she didn’t replace it. I was paying the pool company to come out and clean the pool and within days the pool would get dirty again. I requested that she end the lease because the home had become unliveable there, of course, she said no. I had to call the city on her for so many violations in the home. The city came out and saw what was going on in the home, and give her two weeks to fix everything that was a violation. She then told me that she would end my lease and I had two weeks to move out. I moved out on June 29,2017, I give her a security deposit of $1900.00, the landlord only gave me 1000.00 back. She said it was for the damages I made while living there for three months. On July 1, we made plans to walk through the home, she assaulted me with a stick and hit me several times with her hands. 

34 Birch Avenue, Shalimar, FL 32579/Mary Ward properties/Vercell Vance

$1600 security deposit and non-refundable $300 pet fee charged prior to move in payable to Mary Ward Properties. Mary Ward stated that the non-refundable $300 pet fee for 1 outside dog would be used for cleaning. Lived in the house for 2 years. Made numerous repairs at our own expense such a non-working electrical receptacle, kitchen cabinets falling off walls because they were not installed properly into studs, garage shelving falling off wall, etc. House was kept very clean with no children or indoor pets. Vercell Vance conducted a move-out inspection and upon questioning by us, did not mention any problems other than a scratch on one of the floors and a grease spot on an upper cabinet, which were promptly addressed. Keys were provided to Vercell Vance at the move-out inspection and the garage door openers were left in a kitchen drawer where they had been at move-in 2 years prior. House was completely cleaned, to include, but not limited to, all walls, trim, doors, and baseboards wiped, all appliances cleaned,windows cleaned, kitchen cabinets cleaned inside and out, and bathrooms cleaned and sanitized, window sills, blinds, light fixtures, and ceiling fans cleaned, floors vacuumed, mopped, and grout hand scrubbed. The deposit was never sent to us. Vercell Vance sent us a letter, over 60 days after we moved out, itemizing deductions from our deposit for exterior painting and power washing of the house, pest control services, garage door repair (landlord was aware that garage door had quit working due to the end of its life and chose not to repair it), wall painting, garage wall painting, house cleaning, carpet cleaning, light fixture repair (no light fixture was damaged or altered. Numerous photographs were taken of the house at move-in and also at move-out proving that the house was left very clean and in great condition with no damages. Vercell Vance and Mary Ward kept our deposit for the routine maintenance costs associated with owning a rental property, and for normal wear and tear issues. Out of $1900.00, landlord only refunded $158.00. The amount that Vercell Vance and Mary Ward kept of our money is excessive and unreasonable. Vercell Vance and Mary Ward Propeties are thieves who steal their tenants money to maintain their properties and pay for services that are a property owner’s responsibility. 

Yesora Investment Corporation

The apartment is not a safe place to live in
it has black mold and mildew all over the shower
walls, bugs every where, smoke detectors do not work
air condition does not blow cold air,paint peeling bad
pretty much nothing in this apartment works, and the smell
from all this mold and mildew is making me very sick, can
not be smelling this stuff, he refuses to fix anything but
takes the money for the rent anyway, plus this landlord
is always sexually harassing me.the landlord name is
Louie Respectro, his number is 305-606-8446, i advice
anyone who wants to rent an apartment from this corporation
to forget about it all the apartments here are just like mine

Wijeya Gurinsky – 1881 Strathmore Circle, Mount Dora, FL. 32757

Met the lanlord at the walkthrough with our realtor. She was very rude immediately and we were informed that she made a change to the lease. I was not agreeable to this as we had already signed. We were told basically to either sign or we could not live there. We had no choice, so we did. She also speaks to you as if you are an idiot. She talks to everyone this way and it is horrible. During the walkthrough she tried going super fast and not really looking at anything. However there were many, many issues. She took photos and the realtor made notes about everything. She had her so called handyman come out, there were two guys and a truck. They had no tools, no idea what they were doing. They got a screen for one of the upstairs windows and it didnt fit, they broke the screen door, which we ended up not using anyway. Then the blinds on the patio door were broke, she would not replace them so this guy stood on a bucket, got a piece of wood and glued it to the blinds so that they could get pushed open. Really?! We could never use the blinds on the door. The handymen smoked while doing this, which was crazy. Then the guy said I will call her as you need new blinds and then we will be back. They never came back again. The doorbell did not work, he put a new bell inside. Worked for a week, never came back. There was mold, broke blinds, dirty fridge, moldy windows and horrible cat urine smell. When addressed about fixing things all she said was it will all get done. She also said the kitchen cabinets needed pads so that they dont slam closed, she never got them. We ended up buying those and putting them on all cabinets. We also purchased towel bars for the bathrooms and a new shower head for one of them. That was not the case. She never power washed, never truly fixed anything. This was a complete nightmare. We had no idea that the carpet was so bad that the smell was making us sick. We tried to call her and she started attacking me, this was right as we moved in. She was screaming at me on the phone, telling me to get out, calling me names, etc.. Then her husband got on and started yelling as well. I gave phone to my husband as I was so upset. They would not fix anything. I had to pay someone to clean the windows and help me with the house. Our air went out the first week and they demanded we pay $50 deductible. Crazy!!! We called the realtor who in turn said that is not how it works and that he would call them. She tried this on the fridge towards end of lease as well. I did not pay it and she told me she would make me pay. I was threatened by her in regards to my money, the house was infected with bugs as we had 2 different companies come out. One was for the ants and the other for the roaches. All which we had to pay for upon moving in. Her and her husband said, its Florida and its your responsibility. However the law says she is to rent me a pest free home and she did not. We even had water pouring out of the vent in the ceiling downstairs. I called her to let her know as that is what I am supposed to do. She told me I had the air to cold and it was condensation. Then she said I must have left water running all day in the house. Are you crazy????!!! This is from issues that were addressed at move in and you never took care of. Then she sent her new realtor, Nicholas Poulsen over to take photos. She also sent me a text telling me to contact him when I move out to give him the keys and garage door opener. That is not my responsibility, its hers. There is so much more that I just cant even write it all in here. This was a nightmare for a year as I have never been treated so horribly by someone. Now that I have moved out we have never heard from her or got our money back which is in the amount of $2950. I plan on do everything I can to get it back. I also have notified a local agency as to the condition of the home. Her name is Wijeya Gurinsky, husband Joseph Gurinsky. They own 5 properties in the subdivision of Lancaster of Loch Leven in Mount Dora, some in Eustis and I am not sure where else. Her number is 352-516-5181 and his is 352-516-6795. Home address for them is 1801 Lake Terrace Drive, Eustis, FL. 32726 

6347 Fabian dr jacksonville, Fl 32210 , Don&Karen Wilds

sewer backup in the house ,standing water about 2 inches in bedrooms ,front room and kitchen,basically all threw the house , Landlord stated they were not going to fix ,it has been about 4 days of standing water. they have a non licence handyman that lives next door, all of a sudden he disappears after we report it, we noticed things stop working all of a sudden , human feces found in the yard by bedroom window ,think he has been the one peeping threw windows after hours . they say they know the cops , so anytime we called to report it the cops do nothing but threaten to take us to jail for nothing. after the hurricane power was out for about a week ,so we left for a few days ,upon return the locks had been drilled so the key wouldn’t work. the carpet is nasty a stink been in here about 15 years seem like. They refuse to do anything at all.  

4212 Woodtrail Blvd, New Port Richey fl, Proluxe Properties

Sunday, January 15, 5:30 am, the hot water heater leaking water all over the garage. Turned off water supply. Called landlords emergency number and left message. 6:00 am, water was continuing to pour out of the water heater, called emergency number again and left message. 7:00 am went out to the garage filled with smoke and water heater on fire. Called emergency number and left third message. Not one of messages resulted in a return call. 6:00 pm called emergency number two more times, left messages, no response. Monday, Jan 16 9:00 am called and finally got someone to answer the phone. When i asked why no one responded to my emergency request, the response was, that number goes out to 4 different cell phones, yet no one responded. I had a fire due to a used appliance they put into this house to save money and yet they take it very lightly. Last summer i had a roof leak from all the rain, there was and still is, mold in the ceiling. The roof was repaired however no proper mold remediation was performed. The first year i lived here, the ac broke down three times. I went for days in the middle of summer with no ac because they dont consider broken ac an emergency. 

Egerts Landing Apartments 1500 Seagull Dr Palm Harbor FL 34684

We moved in Egerets Landing Apartments in Palm Harbor FL, in June of 2015, beside a few set backs, the first year was fine, so we signed another years lease in May of 2016, we told the leasing office that this would be like our last year since we would be looking for a house after the first of the year, like Feb or March 2017 with hopes to move in June. Just after the tenant above us moved out after a year, the new tenants, in July moved in, they began stomping in the room above our bed room, LOUD, this happened all times of the day and night into wee hours of the early mornings. They would even slam items on the floor as well waking us up in the early hours of the morning. We began sending emails, calling the office and even speaking to them in person. One person here suffered a third stroke in Aug due to the severe stress from this, his doctor forwarded a letter stating of his many disabilities, which we made the office aware of when we first moved in and as issues progressed, we even asked for a handicap sign for the front of our apartment which they complied. The office, stated that they couldn’t do anything. I sent almost a month of emails, this didn’t get any where, but only made matters worse. After the doctor said that this was not a good or healthy place to be and that his health would not get better if he stayed, I looked for another place, at the same time complaining of the noise. About two and half months of this racket, the office spun this around on us, saying that the tenant stated we were banging on the ceiling, yelling at her and even stocked her as she left for work. I got an email as well saying to stop using harsh words or un-needed words as: CHRIST, FRIGGEN and SUCKS. But in the same breath the GM said to me that when we were told by the office “Maybe your sleeping too much, maybe that’s your problem” laughing at the person with disabilities. The letter they sent me was a generated one with hand written message “stop beating on the ceiling” as to say, they believed the tenant and not us and though we have been complaining of this noise since July and now this person makes these statements all of a sudden and says “she fears us” though she didn’t make any police report of this, nor did the office, who she reported this to, did anything about, which makes me believe that it was a bunch of made up BS, though I did contact the sheriffs department and made a report of what took place. I sent the office several more emails. I informed them that they were in breach their lease with us by not providing #20 of their leasing agreement, quiet enjoyment for NOISE which a person with disabilities did require and they knew it. They said that again they spoke with other tenants and they said they hadn’t heard anything, I’m not sure how that is possible since we share an outside wall, she is above me, no one can hear her stomping in her room over our room, we could of moved to the other room but its on the same side as the stairs and she has proven she likes to stomp on the stairs as she seen me leaving my apartment with a friend when she called me an a ass hole and began to STOMPED up the stairs, and the noise would be horrible in that room. I spoke with three of the 6 remaining resident on the 1st and 2nd floor, all three stated that they were never asked about anything and the neighbor across the hall from the tenant is a sheriff said in a two hour conversation said he came home late after work and the noise was terrible coming from her apartment but he was too tired to confront her and went to bed. The GM lied once again to me. On Oct 1st I gave a written notice to the office of my 30 days to vacate due to the noise and that I wasn’t going to pay any of the 2600.00 liquidation fee that the lease clause states since they themselves breached their own contract. They stuck another letter in the door, not something they would knock on your door and give you, but stick on your door, saying I will be billed for 2600.00 and that they did everything but couldn’t do anything. As their own lease grants me, they failed to provide, so I shouldn’t have to pay them anything and they are the ones who forced me to move out. I know that they will say, well you wanted to go somewhere else, but then why not sign a month to month, a three or six month lease as they offer instead risking a 2600.00 fee, makes no sense. They clearly caused the stress to us, causing the third stroke, which was stress related which caused him to become 60-80% blind. Why in the Hell should I pay them 2600.00 for damages they caused? Why should I pay them 2600.00 for not making reasonable accommodations for quite enjoyment for us? Why should I pay them 2600.00 for making fun of a persons with disabilities, the word is not disability but DISABILITIES, there is more than one. They care of nothing of good paying tenants, I was here a year and there was not one single issue, but once this person moved in bam nothing but issues, and as mentioned, I don’t know this person, never seen her but once when she called me an ass hole, never spoke with her. I even implored the GM to go into my apartment and if she could find a mop, as she stated that I could of been using to BEAT on the ceiling, Id give her 100.00.. This apartment experience has been a living hell. I just want out and all fees waved. I want nothing to do with these bad people.

3327 NW 202 Ln miami gardens Claude Millon

3061 NW 204TH LANE
Miami gardens, Fl. 33056

April 08, 2015

Claude Millon
Best Residential Realty, Inc.
19701 NE 10Ct.
Miami, Fl.33169

Dear Claude Millon:

The purpose of this letter is to notify you that on March 6, 2015 an over payment was made to BEST RESIDENTIAL REALTY Bank Of America Acc# 005507847318 in the amount of $1525.00 for property located at 3327 NW 202LN Miami gardens Fl.33056.

The lease contains the following relevant terms: This is a lease for a term, not to exceed twelve months, beginning on 3/08/2014/ and end 03/08/2015.

Please take steps to correct this problem as soon as possible. It has now been 7 days from the time you have done the walk thru of the property. The keys were returned to you in hand. And 7 days and I have not gotten a refund for my deposit of $1525.00 and the over payment of $1525.00.
I will take action to pursue my rights under the terms of our lease or any other applicable law.

Please consider this an opportunity to resolve this matter without any further legal action against you. this landlord knew i made an over payment of $1525.00 but refuses to return the over payment to me. left his property in better condition than when we rented it. i gave him first & last plus security which came to $4575.00
has not returned my security of $1525.00 nor my over payment of $1525.00 all together $3050.00. dead beat!

511 7th Ave N, Lake Worth, FL Michael Abrams

February 1st is the last day I can remember being happy, peaceful and without as much disgust as I have at this moment. February 1st is the day that my life changed forever. That is the day I moved into the place I am currently residing, and it is physically, mentally, and emotionally killing me.
Renting from this man is the biggest mistake I or anybody could have ever made. He knowingly places tenants in properties with major code violations or worse, in my case, black mold. When I asked informally to rectify issues, he threatens to evict. When I sent a formal notice to have issues corrected, he sent back a retaliative (illegal) lease termination, forcing me to fight him in court.
I am a disabled woman, age 29 living on my own for the first time trying to make it alone, just myself and my dog. We have both been so sick since just after moving in and confirming the presence of mold through home-air and swab testing. When he was made aware of the situation, he acted shocked, appalled and horrified, and promised to fix and replace the main source of the mold (window AC unit) immediately. This was on March 14th. On March 16th, his solution was to send a maintenance worker to my home with a bottle of bleach and a scrub brush, so apparently his answer to me breathing in mold is to have me breathe in deadly chlorine gas as well.
He thinks he is above the law, never gives notice as to when he will be coming to the property, is verbally abusive in a discriminatory and sexual manner, and told me during our last face-to-face encounter on/about March 22nd, that he would rather ‘leave me in here to die’ than do anything to fix the situation. I feel I may actually die, as my last trip to the ER on April 1st was so frightening, I almost had to be intubated when my throat closed up and I could not breathe or swallow (symptoms that onset within hours, due to the mold exposure). “F*ck you, I will never do s*it for you”, were his exact words on the matter. After defaulting on the 7-day notice that he acknowledged received on March 20th (regarding the mold issue, only one of many issues), I called in the city code inspector, and then a lawyer. He got wind of this and served me with a notice of lease termination on the grounds of property destruction and threats made to him and said maintenance worker (because I called the cops on the worker when he was entering the property, April 4th, and hit my dog one day because she was barking at him).
Now I await an official eviction notice to go to court and fight for what is right. He puts up a front as such a nice man, he will do anything to get you to sign a lease. He only cares about money, not the people who are giving it to him. He deserves to be outed for who he truly is, so he can never do this to another honest person again, who is simply peacefully inhabiting a home. 

Joanne Davis Mignao 5049 NW 121st Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33076

After moving out on 2/13/15 and leaving the property in order, we have not yet received any correspondence regarding our deposit. I know she’s done this in the past because she would share stories about her previous tenant. Ms. Davis is losing the house to foreclosure later in April and is also trying to defraud the insurance of money. She was initially trying to recruit us to help her in this and we refused.  



Tuscany Lakes 5534 36th Ct. E #108 Ellenton Fl. 34222

I have been trying to pay rent since the 27th of April. but I have been unable to. and just yesterday evening I finally got a link sent to via email to pay for the rent and to my shocking surprise I was stuck with $199 dollars more than my $ 906 monthly rent which has not been explained to me. I believe it is because of mold issues that I am having at the house that they are trying to get me evicted. ever since the mold problems started the people at the office have been really nasty and completely unprofessional to me. I do not have the $ 199 and they know it because they know what my income is. I tried switching to a 2bdroom apartment which would have been less but one of the employee who is no longer there complete miss reported my papers and got me stuck in the one where I am now. I am asking for someone to please help me!!  

2712 Willow Grove Ln, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547; ERA American Realty of Northwest Florida, Shalimar, FL

My roommate and I were scheduled to move out of rental property by July 1, 2015. I returned keys the afternoon of June 30, 2015 and asked if it was alright for my roommate (Allen Smith, listed as occupant) to return that evening or next morning to clean out garage and refrigerator. Left garage open for him. The realtor agreed (verbally), but wasn’t really paying much attention to me at time. I handed her an envelope with keys and my forwarding address.

My roommate needed to retrieve a toolbox with his uncle’s tools in it, and arranged for his friend to drive his truck over so they could get it and a few other tools in the garage. His uncle passed away a few years ago, and the tools had sentimental value to my roommate, who does construction work for a living. They were also going to finish cleaning out the refrigerator and vacuum before closing up the house. I arranged (as specified in moving out instructions from ERA) to have utilities shut off six days after moving out (July 6 or later). We always paid rent on time.

When my roommate and his friend arrived the next morning July 1, 2015 a maintenance man told them they were there without permission and they had 5 minutes to vacate the premises ! I had already left and was on the road to Indiana. I told them to call the police to claim his belongings, but they didn’t know what to do and just left.

I feel the realtor violated their verbal agreement to let us remove remaining items and clean. By preventing us from cleaning up completely, they conveniently made us lose our security deposit ! Plus, my friend lost valuable belongings.


3750 SW 27TH TER Manuel Muniz

This person is a theft. He has stolen the deposit of many people, specially those from minorities, he also discriminates people. He tries to charge the tenants for the house maintenance and minor repairs which are his responsibility.

A lot of tenants and institutions have failed multiple complaints about him in court for different reasons over the past 40 years. Be careful. 

8027 Big Pine Way, Riviera Beach, FL 33407 Jeffrey and Anita Kohl

This landlord is impossible to deal with. He is unreasonable and a liar. He stole our security deposit on false charges and did not give us the 60 days notice to not renew the lease required by law. In fact we had to call him multiple times to ask if he was renewing the lease or not. It wasn’t until we threatened to not pay our last month rent until we heard from him that he finally responded saying that he would not renew the lease. Giving us less than 30 days to pack, clean and find a house.  

3691 Silver Bluff Blvd.

On October 9th, this foreclosed property was purchased by Fannie Mae, and I was a tenenat managed by RHMG Inc in Tampa, FL. Fannie Mae’s attorney sent me a certified letter in November explaining that there was a new property manager due to the sale. I immediately contacted, Monica Lee who represented RHMG regarding the transition and securing my deposit. She responded that RHMG required a contact name to remit payment. Based on Florida statue 83.49, I provided her the new property manager’s full contact information and address to mail the check-they represented the owner. After two weeks I called regarding the status and she referred me to her attorney, Richard Norton who stated that they intended to enforce the lease between me and RHMG and retain my deposit. I informed him that RHMG no longer represented the property per Fannie Mae. I sent more than a dozen emails, and left multiple messages. I spoke to Monica Lee on several occasions as well. At that point, I was concerned about the lack of response. Finally on December 11, 2014 Richard advised they would proceed to litigation, and for me to submit any documents from the new property representative before he would provide a response, and failure to do so would forfeit my deposit and they would keep my funds or go to court to fight the new owner. I advised that Fannie Mae offered me a brand new lease and terms, or the thirty days to vacate. Neither option involved RHMG. To add, he requested I continue to pay rent to RHMG after acknowledging that RHMG no longer managed the property. I asked him directly if I should pay both property managers and he stated he did not want to advise either way, and they would retain my deposit. I was an excellent tenant, and according to the Foreclosure Act of 2009, not at fault for the sale of of the foreclosed property in the midst of my lease, in fact I had options and legal recourse including securing my deposit from the previous landlord; to add both the new property manager and listing agent representing Fannie Mae stated that RHMG is liable to return my deposit. I spoke to a current leasing agent at RHMG and she stated that RHMG was very difficult to it’s prior tenants and made every attempt to retain their deposits. I plan to pursue this aggressively.  

360 13th Ave NE/Jacana Management

Despite the great location this LLC is too cheap to fix the water pipes correctly. Numerous time tenants have had no hot water for days. Numerous occasions of pipes bursting and then brown water coming from the faucets. They frequently turn the water off without notifying tenants. The hot water has been a problems three time in less than a year. The last time it was 5 days in the beginning of December. This time who knows but they started to fix the hot water heater on Christmas Eve and no on has been back to finish the job it it now the 27th. The building gets swarms of termites in the beginning of the summer and also is infested with German and American Roaches. The pest company comes and sprays but it does not work. The old manager and the present manager never listened nor responded pleasantly to tenants. Most often, they are rude and put out when called. In some cases, tenants have been threatened with eviction arguing or discussing these issues with management. Do not rent from Jacana Management or their parent company St. Pete Portfolio. 

Wade Haldane

Wade Haldane had 3 different Managers at address 5410 North Falkenburg Road Tampa Florida, he never reported when there was a new manager for the trailer park he rented, also he has not been up on top of all the trailers that need fixing, We have made many complaints about maintenance issues in our home. We have lived here for 4 months and the entire time we have been here, nothing has been done to fix and have he pests taken care of. We started paying on back rent but more delays and nothing still fixed to this day. Be forewarned not a good landlord, he decided to have us evicted after he knew this place had not been fixed up.