Jamie Quintana-440 Alexander Street, Buford, Ga 30518

Jamie Quintana-440 Alexander Street, Buford, Ga 30518

Do not rent from this person.

I was there for two months and she had me evicted bc I would not sign a false lease lying for her to the local school district. After two months she evicted my son and I, took my deposit, and charged me over 3000 in repairs when I never even hung a picture . That’s just the tip of the ice berg. Point is. Do not rent from her.

Land lord Dena Smith who work for crye-leike Chattanooga TN Hixson location

Dena Smith has abandoned her property here in Georgia she is a unprofessional lazy land lord that doesn’t fix anything ive tried contacting Chattanooga TN offices of crye-leike Location in Hixson the dry wall is falling from the ceiling an I pay 650 she tried to evict me on the day I paid rent because she wanted me to do a side job for her an I got busy she harrassed the property yelling banging in doors an more something has to be done about her

1400 Chalmette Drive, Apt. 4, Atlanta

I and my family has signed a lease with Paula Propst here in Atlanta, and one of our friends has seen the condo beforehand. Then I arrived and found the condo’s condition could not meet what we have imagined and been told. Yet we had to fulfilled it according to the lease with a deposit of 1200 USD and monthly rent. During this time, the landlord is complaining and making fuss about everything, and the watering toilet has only been mended one month later after I threatened to end the lease.

She overemphasizes the value of her old-fashioned condo, and always warns how much of this and that, in which her leather chair worths 3000 usd per inch. We felt we are living in a museum rather than a normal housing. We have to be overcautious at the expense of our leisure and quality of life with a small kid with us.

In this last month, we have paid all the rent, and she promised to return us the deposit earlier, rather than the last day we are here at States (we will be back to China on this day). But when she got everything in hand, she just overruled what she promised, and threatened not to return us deposit, even on the last day.

So would you help to convince her she should fulfilled her obligation as a landlord and check the status of her condo and also leave enough time for us to get prepared for the way back, and pay back our deposit according to what has been defined by the lease?

I doute the credibility of this old lady as a landlord. 

3650 Woodbury Point

Mr. Avinash Kelley squeezed us out of his property after duping us into taking possession. For weeks prior to move in he agreed on a “laundry list of repairs” that he was going to make and a contractor he had lined up to make said repairs. When move in day came, nothing had been done and blamed it on the fact the previous tenant wouldn’t allow him access to the property to make the repairs. Yet when move in day came, the contractor stated he was booked out until October, 4 months after our move in date!! There was no intention to make any repairs, contrary to our multiple conversations. To get us to take possession, Mr. Kelley promised to make all interior repairs within 4 days of our move in. We said we weren’t moving into the property until the work was completed, and would look for compensation for having to hold two moving trucks for several extra days, so he offered to prorate rent but his contract was very pushy to get us to start moving our stuff in the home. Falling over himself to give the impression he would get everything done. We should have seen the writing on the wall, but we didn’t and started moving in. When he failed to meet that 4 day obligation we prepared to move to a new property only to have him threaten to take us to court to retain our 2K deposit because we had “taken possession of the property” by moving our stuff in. At that point he informed us he legally had 90 days to make all repairs we agreed to prior to move in, but later retracted that stating he was not legally obligated to fix anything, it was only to release us from being liable for pre-existing conditions. Yet he yet again promised to have everything done within 90 days. Of course 90 days came and went and not even 30% of the work was done. The day we moved in and did the walk through the main level air conditioner was not operational. This was on the hottest week in Georgia when the temperature was over 100 degrees with 100% humidity. We just moved ourselves in this weather, a 3k sq ft home worth of stuff and he tells me to just sleep my family of 5 upstairs while his family sleeps in an air conditioned hotel. Oh, and with a shattered window in the upstairs master bathroom. A picture window in the front room that had wood rot so bad, there was a 4”x2” hole in the window wide open to the outside. We listened to a chirping sound (sounded like a smoke detector needing a batter replacement) for over a month. When it finally got fixed he told me it wasn’t a smoke detector. Three months before we moved out it started again, so I fixed it myself and found it was indeed a smoke detector stuck up in a drop down ceiling, against code. Instead of simply paying to drop it down to meet code, he just lied about it as with everything else. From the time we moved in we were unable to close and lock the back door. For three months we couldn’t lock our door! Wonder how well he’s sleep with his door unlocked for 3 months. It was less than two months the door got fixed that a back picture window cracked and the door would not shut again. Obviously some MAJOR house shifting! So another two months of not being able to lock the door and sitting my family in front of a 4’X4’ picture window that was cracking on a weekly basis and appeared to be ready to shatter at any moment! That’s just a few of about 45 issues from the list of repairs. Three contractors and 6 months later still much remained unrepaired. The first contractor quit, second was fired because he would not do improper (cut corners) on repairs Mr. Kelley wanted him to do to save money, he wanted to do it right, and wanted to get EVERYTHING done that needed to be done on the property because that’s what had been agreed to and what any good contractor/property manager would do). So Mr. Kelley parted ways with him. Mr. Kelley shows up in January whining about not wanting to be a landlord anymore, how it’s too emotional and all his contractors were ripping him off, he’s going to short sale the house. (Although what he told contractor #3 was that the house is costing him too much money, he needed to get out from under it) He offered to let us out of the lease or we could go on as it is but he would hire a property manager to oversee the property. He said he was in no way forcing us out. We told him we wanted out and would look for a new home, he asked us to hold off until end of school year when the market is better. Two months later we find a property and give him notice as agreed, only to be told we MUST give him 30 days notice, lol. We lost the property because someone could move in earlier and stopped looking for a new property at point. About a month later he shows up with a realtor to appraise the property, and all the sudden repairs started to get done, he hires a lawyer claiming tenancy at will and that we have less than 2 months to vacate the property. The only reason we didn’t fight is because the home was making my daughter sick. It was discovered the master shower had been leaking for years due to improper installation. The garage ceiling where it had been leaking was overrun with black mold and rotted wood. Painter also mentioned the water leaks they had painted over in the ceiling throughout the house with the previous tenants. When we pointed out he was forcing us out of the property and felt he should reduce the last months payment to help us with the expense of moving, we also mentioned the medical bills from our daughter’s illness from the mold, to which he had his lawyer accuse us of extortion! We’ve been out of the home for less than two months and, thank god, last week the doctor called with the latest blood results and her condition was improving!!! Thank goodness the Dr. agreed to hold off on his recommended procedure as we were hoping getting out of the home would improve her condition, as it has. Mr Kelley’s lawyer instructed us not to contact him months before our move out date. Mr Kelly nor his lawyer contacted us for move out inspection. Mr Kelly nor his lawyer contacted us regarding returning the security deposit. We sent him a letter demanding full refund 34 days after vacating the property as agreed, at which point he provides an itemized list of deductions wanting to withold almost half of our deposit, even after he admitted his wrong doing and not keeping to his agreement! We had been home owners for 15 years until circumstances required us to move and rent. We’re on our 3rd rental, the 1st landlords hated to see us go, the 3rd has been a complete god send after the second, and the second, Mr Avinash Kelley should never be a landlord again! I’ve never encountered such greed and dishonesty as exhibited by Mr Kelley. And for the first time in my life have had to seek legal representation for getting forced out of a rental property in which we paid every cent of rent. But in the end, we did what we had to do for the safety and wellbeing of our family.  

3485 Davis Blvd Atlanta, GA 30349 Dovie Properties Hosanna Mahaley Johnson Jones

Kerry Jones and Hosanna Mahaley Johnson Jones are crooks but ordained. They have not returned my security deposit of $2300 after I found a new tenant to secure a 24 month lease and had the audacity to transfer the $2,300 security deposit to the new tenant’s account because of credit worthiness. I have filed a lawsuit of theft by taken and a lis pendens on the property

Dovie Properties
Kerry Jones – coachdaddy66@yahoo.com 832-586-6765
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