1404 W. Flournoy St Unit 1, Chicago IL 60607 + Kirk Hoffman

I asked my landlord specifically prior to moving in if he had a rodent of bug problem and he said no. Two weeks after moving in I have bed bug bites and after him dodging my calls for two days he called back and admitted the building has had an infestation for a couple months. Not only did he not disclose this to me, he lied to me about it. I would have never signed the lease if I had known this. I am not trying to break the lease without issue and possibly get refunded. He dodges my calls still and will not give me a straight answer. He also has not gotten this professionally taken care of; he comes in and sprays when someone complains of the bugs. Again, he lied to me and did not disclose this information. Furthermore I did not have hot water for 5 days and he would just not show up or claim he didn’t have keys to my apartment. I also do not have functioning outlets in my room and I have asked for this to be fixed and it has not been. He works out of KAP Management but there is not phone number or location of this company in Illinois. 

THE RESIDENCES AT 1450 1450 Busse Road Mount Prospect, IL 60056

We live in this apartment for 4 years and during this years the owner of the complex changed several times and management as well. We have a new one since last year. We contacted our office manager many times since May,2016 to repair the floor surface in the kitchen and were told every time that they will send a person to do it and till today it never happened. The floor surface is damage and there is wooden surface under. I cannot walk without my slippers on as about a month I got injured because of that, The tiny piece of wood got stuck in foot skin. After that I fell down couple times because of unfair surface.The second problem is that the water in kitchen sink is not going away and it is even coming out of the hole in the sink with disgusting garbage. We reported this issue from July and many times. They try to do smth and it did not help and we asked to bring plumber to us and it is still not fixed. they only tell that fix it but they are not doing that. 

4609 Trevor Cir Apt 4 rockford il 61109 Joe Marino

Every since I lost my full time job and my husband working part-time. My husband asks can he work for him to help keep the rent down until we get some extra to be able to pay the rent. The landlord agrees but he still wanted to get paid rent while my husband was painting, cleaning gutters, majority of the landscaping it seems like he just wanted my husband to work for free and pay rent but he has only a few workers and several properties at the my husband was one of them. The landlord wanted him to work but he didnt wanna put him on the payroll because most of he workers are white and mexican. My husband is african american. My husband been trying to call him and the landlord doesnt want to answer the phone to he can give him the rest of his hours but no answer. The landlord gives us a five day notice after my husband did all that work for him. I think my husband has been treated unfair in this situation. 

James Beams, 2790 E. Hickory, Decatur, IL. 62526

We moved in a house owned by James Beams, “Jim” Sept. 1-2013, Prior to move it when we gave him the deposit we showed him issues wrong with the house “broken and missing windows, windows not secured due to missing latches, no weather stripping around the doors, missing storm windows, back porch light not working, no heater in bedroom,” and he claimed they would be fixed before we moved in. On the day of move in nothing was fixed.
Later on in the month of Sept. we found out the roof leaks as well. Jim came and put a tarp on the roof that still did not fix the problem.
On Oct. 3-2013 we paid Jim the months rent and asked why the repairs were not made and was given a lame excuse of “I forgot” and claimed he would be back within a week to fix them. On Oct. 11 we texted Jim, and stressed the issues again and told him that he will not get paid in Nov. until the issues were fixed. Jim responded back claiming that I will be there Mon. or Tue. to fix everything. Our house was broken into Oct. 13-2013, we texted Jim and told him what happened, the next day he came and only fixed the window that they came threw. We called the city building inspector to look over the property and a report was made.
As of this day Jim still has not fixed a thing.  

2653 N. Spaulding Avenue, Apt, 1W, Chicago, IL 60647 – M.Fishman & Co.

I moved into this property in September of 2012. I decided on this building and unit, because as a single woman in Chicago, security was very important to me and this apartment complex boasted about being ” a secure, gated building, with intercom entry.” I was never informed there was a back gate, completely open to a dark alley. I discovered this a few days after I moved in when I called the management company to ask where tenants should dispose their trash. There was no locked gate then and has never been since I moved in. The management company informed my a new wooden fence and gate with a lock would be installed. The wooden fence and gate was installed, but never a working locking mechanism. The gate is wide open and not locked. The unlocked gate allows transients to come and go from the property at all hours of the day and night. There is a security issue and I fear for my safety as a single woman living in this building. I have found strange people on the property and reported this by email for months to no avail. I have copies of the emails back and forth to the property manager. She ignored the request for months and then informed me in January 2013 that management will “not lock the back gate.” I recently sent out a letter by registered mail on 02/01/2013 asking them to provide a secure back gate with a key or combo lock.
I fear for my safety in this building and am entitled to a secure building as advertised and will no continue to live here if that is not provided. I want a locked gate immediately or I would like to be released from the terms of my lease with no repercussions to me.

2001 W. 21st St, Chicago, IL 60608 Gerardo

Lived there for 19th months. Paid my required $800 deposit when I moved in. When I told him that I was moving out of the apartment I let him know it was spotless and I was still expecting my deposit back in full. Once it was time to turn in the keys he left notes on the sink instead of calling to let me know he was not going to be present and actually speaking to me. Since I had not heard from him in over two weeks I called and left messages twice. He did not respond until I left a message saying he was being disrespectful. When he finally called back he informed me I was not going to receive any of my deposit back but instead owed him money. At this point he began speaking of some fees which were never mentioned in the past, including a fee for cleaning the heating unit. When I said the charges were made up he apologized for the “miscommunication.” At that moment I informed him there was no miscommunication, he was simply making up charges that he had never spoken of in the past because he wanted to keep the deposit. His response was that he had “to think about it” and call me back. He never called, but instead sent some handwritten notes of why he was not returning the deposit, included on those charges was a bike storage fee, for a bike that was stolen INSIDE the building. His response was that it was probably stolen by my previous roommate. At the end of the letter, he states I have the right to sue him, but threatens to counter sue for court and lawyer fees. Also, the information was sent after the 30 days he is given by law. To this date he refuses to take my phone calls. Unfortunately, the tenant that moved out before me had the same issue with him. It seems he makes a habit of disappearing after tenant moves out and when he is pressed he tries to intimidate tenants by throwing legal terms that he does not even fully understand. 

3915 Sage Drive Rockford, IL 61114 – Doug Johnson

I am a 23 year old female with a 1year old child. When I first moved into FoxWood Manor Apartments in July 2011 I was thrilled. The landlord seemed awesome and I couldn’t wait to move in! Well throughout time, I started to notice his lack of concern once he got his money and contract signed. I would have to play phone tag for DAYS (phonecalls/voicemails) to all three people (including landlord himself) that I could possibly get in contact with to get in touch with him. It first started with my heat not working. It wasn’t easy getting in touch with him and once he finally called me back it happened to be on a Sunday and he told me that he wasn’t going to be able to get anybody to fix it that day (without even trying FIRST). Then the next incident that occured was me waking up at 6am to my smoke alarm going off. I was so startled I didn’t know what the hell was going on! My apartment was filling up with smoke and a horrible electrical/battery smell. After running through my apartment to see where this was coming from I noticed it was coming from my furnace room and I saw flames in the unit itself. I called the landlord & of course he didn’t answer so I proceeded to leave a voicemail stating what was happening and that I was going to call the fire department. Sure enough he called me back right away.. He was telling me NOT to call the fire department and said “it’s just the heating coils it happens all the time” (repeating himself). Needless to say, I called the fire department anyway and he got mad! FYI:Fire department said that it was completely janky and that if it was reported he would have to get a professional to redo the entire complex. Next thing to happen was entering my apt. WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!! I spoke with the maintenence guy (Bill) and he said he needed to get in my apt to change the furnace filter. I told him what time I got off work, what time I would be home and that he could meet me there and I would let him in so he could change it. I come home to see that he had already went in my apartment and left! I was FURIOUS!! I did laundry the night before and had my bras and panties just laying out on the floor. I felt completely violated!!! So I call Bill, NO ANSWER. Left him a voicemail stating that I DID NOT GIVE HIM PERMISSION TO ENTER MY HOME and I would like for him to call me back. Once again, I called all 3 contacts numerous times each leaving voicemails (including the landlord Doug Johnson himself)trying to get in touch with someone about this. FINALLY (days later) the landlords son Michael calls me back saying that he heard what happened and he appologizes and it and it would never happen again. Thinking to myself, if you already heard about this that would mean that you all spoke about this together before contacting me! FYI: Many times I’ve set up things so that I would know if somebody had been in my apt while I’m gone and sure enough I knew they had been in my place while I was gone on more than one occasion. ( which would explain why the contract you sign requests knowing what days you work and even wanted to know your hours everyday..NEVER have I had a contract asking details like that. Just the usual: where you work, how much you make, and how many hours per week). Then last but not least..so my contract is coming up at the end of July and for the past TWO days I have called and left Doug voicemails in regards to this and what I want to do. I also called the maintenence guy Bill because I usually have better luck getting in touch with him. Sure enough I spoke with him and request to have him have Doug get in touch with me ASAP please. Soo today (being the third day trying to get in touch with Doug I spoke with him. He’s usually a rude asshole from the jump but he actually seemed to be acting civil. So I began to ask if he had any 2 bedrooms available (also I don’t know why I had to explain myself and why I’m interested in the 2bedroom) he said yes they’re $650. I told him well then I will probably just stay in the one I already have if thats ok. ( & if your wondering why I would even want to still stay there it’s because minus the landlord and his bullshit I really loved my place, it was comfy and cute compared to what else I’ve seen) He explained that would be fine with him and I wouldn’t have to sign another lease it would just roll over. Then he states “you DO NOT call my maintenence guy (Bill)” I started to explain “well when I try two days in a row to get in touch with you I called him because he usually always answers.” Again he repeated himself while getting angry “YOU DO NOT CALL MY MAINTENECE GUY!!” Then he started to say that sometime they will need to get in my place to update some things in the furnace room and that he just wanted to tell me because I had such a problem with it last time. I began to explain that was NOT the problem and that my problem was you allowed entrance in my home WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I said “I had my panties and bras just laying out on my floor and didn’t appreciate them being on display!!” He said he didn’t care about my panties and started being the asshole that he is bitching about any and everything. I said “EXCUUUSE ME?? BUT I CARE!!” Then he says “matter of fact, you can pack your shit and get out by July 31st when your lease is up.” FYI: Speaking with my neighbors about him throughout the time I’ve lived there, they all say the same thing about him. He’s rude, there’s no point in calling him for help because your better off doing it yourself, a female explained to me how she always feels like she’s being watched, people say he’s a crazy alcoholic and money hungry, he creeps all the time (seen it too many times myself), and he’s SUPER NOSEY!! Doug’s phone number(s): HOME- (815)654-1815 CELL – (815)262-4802  

912 W. Eads St. Urbana,IL,61801. Landlord: Wenzhong Li

I rented a home from Wenzhong Li. It was introduced to me by her niece. It was believed to be that the owner of the house was Wenzhong Li, however, I later found out the niece owned the house. The niece and landlord are Chinese, the niece is in the U.S. on a visa to attend a university. I paid money to Wenzhong Li and utilities, but I she is not the home owner, so the lease I have with her is fraud. So, I have been deceived and taken advantage of, I have given money to someone who is not the actual owner.

The house had major problems: a leaky seak which later broke following with the garbage disposal which broke which was already rusted inside; the veting hood on the dryer was broken so heat, dust and lent escaped into the air. There was an ant, mite, and insect problem. There were also issues with the main, rear door, and room door locking, so there was a safety and property threat, so nothing was done. 

921 Cherry St Wheaton, IL 60187 Brian McCollum

Address of Rented Property: 921 Cherry St Wheaton, IL 60187
Start date of tenancy(dd/mm/yyyy): 09/01/10
End date of tenancy (dd/mm/yyyy): 09/04/11
Deposit paid: 1300
Rent paid: 1300

Landlord details
Full name: Brian McCollum
Contact Tel: 6302671013
Address: 1218 Santa Rosa
City: Wheaton
State: illinois
Zip Code: 60187

Other details
He is a private landlord he wrote me a check for a deposit and then cancelled it 2 days later my account bounced because of it

7148 W. 99th Street Chicago Ridge, IL 60415 James J Pipolo

7148 W. 99th Street Chicago Ridge, IL 60415

Landlord details
Full name: James & Mary Pipolo
Contact Tel: 708 403 1920
Address: 13650 Mohawk Ln
City: Orland Park
State: ILLinois
Zip Code: 60462

Other details
He claims I told him he could have the security deposit.

Tenancy Details
Name/Names on Tenancy: Phillip & Judy Gieras
Address of Rented Property: 7148 West 99th St. Chicago Ridge Il 60415
Start date of tenancy(dd/mm/yyyy): Sept 1 2006
End date of tenancy (dd/mm/yyyy): Aug 9 2011
Deposit paid: 675.00
Rent paid: 750.00

12447 Moody Avenue Palos Heights, IL 60463 Lorraine Lazzara

Address of Rented Property: 12447 S.Moody Ave.
Start date of tenancy(dd/mm/yyyy): 16/11/2003
End date of tenancy (dd/mm/yyyy): 02/07/2011
Deposit paid: 5000.00
Rent paid: 1375.00

Landlord details
Full name: Lorraine Lazzara Nolan,James Nolan
Contact Tel: H-708-923-9799 C-773-263-8643
Address: 8914 W.123rd ST.
City: Palos Park
State: Illinois
Zip Code: 60464

Agency details
Full name: NO Agency
Contact Tel:

Other details
thare was alot of water leaking into the basement for the last 4 yrs. We were told it would be repaired in the spring.Thare was mold growing in the walls.he failed to respond .So we gave them 30 days notice.They failed to do a walk thru and did not give us back our deposit .It has been 60 days and have not heard from them.