1908 n miles st Jamie Burden

I am on section 8 cause I can not pay rent on my own and I have had a lot of bad experiences and not lived in anything nice cause my voucher is not enough. So when I first went to talk to Jamie he made out like he was going to let me have a duplex that he charge more than my voucher is. He thought section 8 would up the voucher but Jamie being a landlord should know how section 8 works so he just want to get my hopes up. They had sent me one for me to move and put the wrong county so he tells me I can sign another persons voucher. Section 8 told me this is fraud so he was trying to get me in trouble with the United States Government.The whole time he planned on sticking me in the dump where I am currently staying. And my mother was thinking about renting one first and when she wanted one the rent here was only $425.00 then when I needed one he raised the rent to $475.00 but section 8 would not let me take it till he agreed to lower the rent.The other people living here are not clean and are very mean and Jamie will not do anything. They have been harassing me and they have attack dogs that want to bite me and their owner does nothing. They have called the police lying on me trying to get me arrested so I will do something so Jamie will evict me and I lose my help cause it happens every where I move. It needs stop I have been thru governments agencies and the police I can’t get nobody to do anything. The other tenants have proved that there’s no telling what they will do to me. They have left notes at my door lying on me.One of stole my mail cause I have a bill that I was never late on till I moved here and I have shopping carts setting in the yard. I have bugs really bad roaches and other things. Jamie only has one employee and he had her come over and spray stuff you buy at Home Depot.The bugs get in my cabinets and go thru the burner and get in the stove. Jamie is a slum lord my stove the numbers have faded and so you don’t know what your setting it on. I have complained he won’t do anything the refrigerator I was told is used the lights won’t stay on and it at times runs really loud. You can tell its old. Two elderly people around front have been in the parking lot running their mouths at me. They have a doberman they chain in the front yard so it bark it’s head off and I will leave. The female he stuck me beside of has a full grown German Shepard and it has been on the porch by its self. These are not safe and healthy living conditions.I have been told that the it is harassment by other tenants but the city police here they tell me its private property any time I have problems and tell the landlord. My lease says Jamie is responsible for repairs and other tenants are not supposed to disturb another tenant. Jamie is not enforcing rules on other tenants even no matter what.The bugs have been in my cabinets and bathtub. He told me there was no bugs in this building but they were here before I moved in. The yard is full of dog waste and garbage keeps piling up. This building is old and out dated someone could probably find a lot of building violations. Parking lot holes and I have almost fallen because of it. All other tenants are problems but since I’m clean living by myself and a white person they all pick on me and want me gone. I have complained to section 8 but they will not raise my voucher so I can get somewhere better. Its stressing me out and worrying me all the time. They have went Jamie and turned things around so he will evict me. I have a garbage and they have been using it they don’t respect me and just refuse to back off. Its in whole a bad neighborhood I have seen a lot since I moved here. Jamie wants to lie to me about the neighborhood. The ones in front with the Doberman also have had company and this person has come out side mouthing off at me and anytime I’m in the parking and he comes here that’s the only time he parks around back cause he’s wanting to start trouble with me. Porch lights have been left on which can short circuit and catch the building on fire. There’s also a couple living here with a little baby and Jamie stuck them upstairs .This neighborhood is full of dogs hardly a day goes by I don’t hear someones dog barking and I have been woke up plenty of times by it. I tried reporting animal cruelty for the dogs being kept in such a small apt but they won’t do anything. I am so miserable staying here I don’t even have room for all my stuff. My mother works and has heart disease and she has to constantly worry about the way the other tenants are treating me.Jamie is very tight with money my thermostat tore up soon after I moved in and I had to tell him about my allergies before he would replace. He lies and says he has a maintenance man he does not.The only thing he includes with the rent is the trash. These people he stuck me around are so mean and nasty they go thru more trash than I do. I need someone to do something to make this problem stop every time this happens the Landlord wants me to move and that’s their solution cause they don’t want me to complain. Weather I choose to move or not has nothing to do with it. The rules are supposed to be the same for everyone and your not supposed to be a slum lord or let one tenant bother another. They all lie to the Government but yet they won’t touch the landlord not in my experience. And I have so much proof from another place I stayed but it didn’t matter nobody would do anything. I don’t know what they will do cause they honestly believe their right and think nobody won’t do anything. But somebody has got to be willing to do something I have rights to.