28027 leonard rd, Elton la 70532, Christine Wright

I have tried contacting my landlord about multiple major issues at the resident that I live at. She refuses to fix anything if she can get away with it. My child as injured himself due to some flooring issues. I have electrical issues that she wont fix. The is no outside lighting due to electrical problems. There is no hand railing and the frame that the front steps are on is broken, it is very dangerous to even enter the residents with out possible falling. You can see the ground in a couple of spots in the flooring. Under the sink there has been a few plumbing issues that were fixed but there is mold on the walls from the previous water damage. In one of the bathrooms the faucet is missing and we have to use a wrench to turn the water on and off. All of these issues has been told to the landlord as far back as 2 yrs. She will ignore my calls and text messages regarding these issues. The only time she will answer is if it is time to pay my rent. I am never more than a week late in rent. I don’t give this person any problems and still she refuses to make the resident a decent place to live. She has other properties and she treats them all the same even the ones that have elderly people living there. I have pictures to prove all of the problems at this address.