5021 Ontario Rd. College Park, MD 20740 + Sandy Williamson

For over a period of three years, there has been constant sewage eruption in the basement. The landlord, Sandy Williamson, has been notified on PLENTY of occasions that this issue needed to be fixed. Countless of my possessions have been ruined due to the fact that this could have been fixed years ago. First plumber informed us that this was going to a RECURRING problem until the landlord obliges and handled this matter properly. On numerous nights, I have woke up to use the bathroom and was awaken by cold filthy sewage water beneath my feet. There has been days on end when fellow tenants and I could not shower or bathe because of the damaged pipes. Plenty of times, on noted occasions, texts and calls have been unanswered, leaving us deaf, dumb, and blind about the situation. Today, Saturday Aug. 4, 2012, an UNPREPARED plumber who was doing a “favor” for Mr. Williamson, arrived in tennis shoes and a tanktop, unprepared to fix this problem. When the “plumber” looked at the problem, he stated that “there’s no way that he could do this and this is what he gets for trying to do someone a favor”. We, the plumber and I, both call Mr. Williamson simultaneously from our personal phones while standing side by side. Neither of our calls were answered by the landlord. After 3 years, I’ve decided that enough is enough.