TGM Vinnin Square

We extended our tenancy at TGM Vinnin Square in Salem MA by one month. We had received a document from the landlord outlining what our lease would renew at for different lengths of renewal including month to month. We submitted the month to month amount to them of $2715 (up from our regular rent of $2165) based on their letter and it was returned for underpayment. We received the returned rent on the 15th of the month and were told that the current month to month payment for the townhouse was actually $170 higher than what we sent. In short, they decided to change the rent amount mid month and demanded that we paid it all after it had already been raised by nearly $600 for the month to month tenancey. Bullying and scare tactics ensued from this point and we are in the process of filing suit against them for failure to pay interest on our security deposit, failure to return our security deposit and for engaging in unfair and deceptive business practices as well as attorney fees, damages to us, expenses etc. They are nice apartments, but these people are classless slumlords. Not worth it at all! Lauren Heely is in particular a real gem, but they are all the same including their corporate offices!!! Run away! Run Away! 

Tryambak Tom Raj – 22 Town Hill St Quincy, MA 02169

This 3 bedroom house is offered for paying guest accomodation & is occupied by 9+ members!! The house maintainance is very poor & the landlord insists on adding more occupants. The rent is very high for the quality of accomodation provided & the landlord will not accept check or any form of registered transfer to the bank account for tax evasion. Each room is less than 120sq ft which is ideally shared by 3 occupants with their bed. The place does not offer any privacy & the landlord does not allow mails to be recieved at the address! Landlord: Thryambak Wajde (nick name: Tom or Raj Ph: 6176788768 


I rented a storage unit from her for almost three years as a tennant at will and was an excellent tennant. She has failed to repay my security deposit from when I moved out and I have filed suit to reclaim those funds even though it has been more than 30 days. I left the unit in far better condition than when I moved in. She failed to provide safe access to the unit in the winter, had snow blocking garage access and wanted zero accountability when it came to any issues. She constantly blew me off stating she had no obligations because it was only a storage unit. How ignorant she is. She raised my rent every time I had an issue or dared to complain to her. I was never rude or unprofessional to her but she was a 2-faced vindictive person that conducted herself based on her mood of the hour, rather than a professional landlord, business owner or person for that matter. This pretentious small business owner thinks she can treat people any way she wants. She also owns a the Shampoo Salon at the same site and EVERY employee can not stand her reflected in the massive turnover of employees. She treats people like they are expendable and their money is worthless yet wonders why she has to be a witch to people just to get thru the day. I have spoken with several of her former tennants and they were treated in the same manner as well. She should have her right to be a landlord revoked.