Anthony Chaudhuri 2630 Valley Drive Ann Arbor 48103

We have been renting a house 2630 Valley Drive, in Ann Arbor 48103, from August 1, 2013 to July 31, 2014. We made a single payment of $9300, corresponding to the 1st month’s rent, 2nd month’s rent, 3rd month’s rent, 4th month’s rent, the 12th month’s rent, and the one month’s rent equivalent which is the security deposit. The other months were always paid on time. We left the house June 15, 2014, and stopped all utilities at that moment. We came back in Ann Arbor August, 15 2014, and made sure that everything was paid in order to have our security deposit back. We sent proofs of payment several times, but Mr Chaudhuri always responded that something remained unpaid, without sending us proofs of that. We went several times to the water utility department of the city of Ann Arbor. They finally send him an email, saying that every bills had been paid. We never had any response from Mr Chaudhuri. He doesn’t answer the phone. We also went to the housing department of the city of Ann Arbor to complain about our problem, and about the general condition of the house, and they told us that he was an “unregistered rental”. The current tenant also has similar problems.  

6700 Cloverlane

I loved the apartment, 5 units nice looking. I signed a 2 year lease and moved in January 1, 2014. I did not like the carpet in both bedrooms over 30 years old shag. I was willing to pay for the carpet because I figured this was a place I would live the rest of my life out. The landlord said he would pay for 1/2 in one bedroom and my son would install laminate flooring in the second bedroom. Asked about repairs and he said he is always ontop of them. A couple of weeks after moving in I had a water leak under the kitchen sink. Called landlord came right over and said it was because I put my waste basket under the sink. The leak was coming from the faucet but who is going to argue with a new landlord. He has been back twice to repair the leak under the sink. I finally took pictures of the leak and told him what was wrong, that upset him that a women would know anything. The leak is still not fixed because he has other priorities, 5 units. I started having breathing problems after moving in. The furnace had blower bearings going out which I didn’t know until move in day when the landlord informed me. He said that if it got worse to call and he would replace the bearings. I called during the first month and told him the furnace was very loud and it was hard to sleep at night. The landlords comment, If you don’t like it leave. When the first months rent was due I gave the rent along with a list of items which needed to be repaired, leak under sink, dishwasher, furnace, key to front door, key to storage shed and touch up paint for bathroom. The landlord came over in a huff and we had words. He said he couldn’t cash my rent check because it included my cost of the carpet and it had to be 2 seperate checks. I said, I will make out 2 checks. When I handed him the rent check he said just keep it I don’t want your money. That evening I took over a letter stating that I was holding rent until the furnace was fixed but would pay my 1/2 of the carpet. He let me know that he called a furnace company and they said they would not work on a furnace in this weather. I received a certified letter from the landlord rebutting the repair list I gave him with another letter stating my son could not put down flooring in the front bedroom. He came a couple of days later and put some belt dressing on the furnace and said that someone had tampered with the furnace because something was not on properly. I said, the only one who has worked on the furance has been you. His helper but a new spray noozle on the sprayer (which was not the problem). When I rented my apartment another apartment was available and my sister said she would like to rent it. My son was finally allowed to put down the lamanite flooring and when he pulled up the old carpet he found mold. I am not going to have tests done to see how my lungs are, have contacted a company to come out and check for mold. What a shame that this landlord wants to act like a jerk, these apartments could be nice under someone else’s control.