1104 Hardy Avenue Gulfport, MS 39501 Niya Fairley

We were already living in the home as of July 2016, when the new landlord took over ownership of the property in November 2016. When we originally moved in, we asked that the front fence be repaired and the landlord agreed but sold the home before she fixed it. We were told that no changes would be made to the original lease.
The new landlords, Niya & Gerald Fairley, never came down for an inspection of their property when we signed the new lease, 4 months after we signed the original one. We were told we had to sign a new lease or they would not continue our rental with them. A family member of theirs brought the new lease already signed by Niya Fairley, her husband Gerald Fairley never signed any of the documents we have received. We did an inspection of the home and wrote down some concerns, we told them the windows and doors needed to be repaired. We have text message printed out between us and them all way to November 2016. In them they discuss my husband doing repairs. Gerald Fairley came out in December to look at a couple things, still did no official inspection. I brought them out to show them the broken fence and the broken post in the driveway. My husband showed them the windows, doors, knocking plumbing and the broken stove.
At the beginning of lease, they sent their maintenance man without notice and he came in the house when only our teens were here, both underage and our son is Autistic. We told them that was not acceptable and we needed notice so that an adult could be in the home. We told them that our son is autistic and that he could not open the windows to get out if there was a fire. So they came and installed fire alarms. The maintenance man also had to put the window back in that had fallen out of it’s frame. The back door came off the hinges and is rotting.. which we also told them, my son was almost injured when the door came off because he has muscle coordination disorder and lost his balance.
After asking for months for the windows and doors to be fixed.. we were told that someone would come to put screens on them, no have screens. Then we were told that they would all have to be replaced because they are old and don’t fit the frames they are in. Then we were told that they cost too much and would not be fixing anything else.
Gerald Fairley came down in May and I gave him a notice of repairs, he looked at the back door.. he put one screw in it to hold it up, and lay on the ground to look at the rot that my husband showed him in the floor. The door fell off again after he left.. so my husband bought a pack of long wood screws and put the door back on, again. Gerald said he would not be doing anything to the windows to weatherize them because they would be replaced. Gerald asked my husband to put some screws in the window that kept falling out in our bedroom so that it would not fall out again and said they would be fixed.
When he returned to California, his wife, Niya informed us that the windows would not be replaced. And that the windows and door were weather sealed by her husband when he was down. Which he did not.
In the notice of repairs that we handed him it asked for repairs be done to, the pipes, windows, doors and fence. They had the pipes fixed, no other repairs were made to the other issues.
The windows either don’t stay open, slam shut, get stuck open or fall out in your hand. None of them have screens. My son can not open the windows and we have video of him trying to open them and one of them slamming down. We also have video where one came out in my husband’s hand. The doors are not secure. You can push them open unless the deadbolt is locked instead of the other lock. The back door has no dead bolt so is the least secure. It also is not sealed properly so bugs can come in the cracks, this is the rotting door. They told us that they would fix the fence but were going to charge us for the repairs. I have letters from neighbors to show that the fence was broken before we moved in in July 2016. We also have all texts & Emails from them printed out from back to November 2016. We also have multiple letters to quit with different dates on each one from the landlords, that we received after I sent the first notice of repairs. In June, I could not pay rent on time, so I requested an extension. Gerald agreed if I also paid fees. Which I agreed in our conversation, because in the past fees were reasonable. We paid everything except $50 of June’s rent on the 16th, and I got a text from Niya Fairley saying she was now going to charge us $140 in fees. In July, I deposited a check into their account, which since they did not set up a website for payments like their lease said.. they asked us to deposit the rent instead. On the Official Check that my husband deposited, my husband wrote, “$50 of remaining June’s rent and $800 for July’s rent” the total check was $850. We were told that we were getting charged more fees because the rent was not paid.. more than once I clarified that I did pay rent.. but I would not pay the excessive late fees. They said they put the money that we deposited toward June’s rent and all the late fees, and that we still owed rent for July. Which I told Niya again that I did not pay any fees, that I only paid the rents for June and July.
They did not do the repairs on the first letter, except the pipes, so I sent a second notice of repairs over a month later, a copy of the first one that my husband, Nick gave Gerald Fairley in person, and a bill for repairs that my husband had to do to the home, including the window that fell out and the door that fell off the hinges 3 times.
Now, because I refuse to pay the excessive fees they are harassing us with 3 day notices and letters to quit, texts and emails so that we will just leave.
We have been trying to leave.. and when a potential landlord called the Fairleys, they talked down about us to them, so we were turned down for that place. We are still looking but are not sure if we will get out by the time that they want us out, which is August 8th.