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Hey my name is ashlee toler. We have a huge problem right now. My fiance and I pay all of our bills on time, we have never gotten a complain by our landlord. Until….my fiance came home from work one evening. He had realized the ceiling was cracked and had fell in. Mind you, we have told both of our landlords we needed an exterminator because it was so bad we have holes in our roof on the outside and now a huge hole on the inside from where coons and squirrels have saturated it and nest it so much it finally fell through. Well after we have called them out NUMEROUS times for the problems and many more others, they proceed to then place a note on the door terminating our lease agreement, all because we demanded an exterminator and they REFUSE to pay for one. So now we have until the end of this month to get out…and it’s all because we’ve asked for the house to be fixed for livable conditions again..we do not want an eviction on our record for an apartment that isn’t even decent living and all because we have spoken up. We have roaches, mice, coons, squirrels AND beetles…and they REFUSE to get it taken care of so they have kicked us out. Mind you also, I keep our house very very presteenly cleaned. I hate filth and all the issues along with this house is unbearable, but for us to be kicked out for speaking up not once or twice but SEVERAL times about the issues of this house..is really hurting us and we need someone to stand by us and help prove our innocence of this unfair situation.

Earl A Steinert

Our apartment (North Town Apartments at 1944 E Kerr Street in Springfield Missouri) has several issues that the apartment owner refuses to take care of and has even accused current tenants of causing the issues when issues were caused by previous tenants.

When we initially moved in, we agreed to move in under the agreement that our carpet would be replaced in six months. Our pet deposit was waived and the agreement was if we paid our pet deposit, the carpet would be replaced. There are holes and tears in the carpets, cigarette burns, huge paint stains in the bedrooms from someone forgettting to put tarp down before painting the walls, There are nails sticking out of the floor in our infant’s room. Now the Owner is refusing to make good on that deal.

When we brought up that it was time to replace the carpets and for the apartment owner to make good on his deal, He threatened to raise our rent 30$ Just because we brought the issue up! This is highly illegal but we live in these apartments because they are affordable, we can’t afford an attorney on our income.

When we moved in, there had been no cleaning done to clean up after the previous tenants. The oven was absolutely disgusting. Maintenance had come in for a moment and left nails, food, and cigarette butts all over the floors, all of which we had to clean up. The previous tenants moved in a rush because it was a domestic violence situation, the husband/or boyfriend had punched and kicked several holes in the walls during their stay here.

Other issues in our apartment include
-the water heater wont make hot water for more than 5 minutes
-the door won’t close in the master bedroom
-The apartment owner or manager will not provide a copy of the lease to us, after asking for our copy and never returning it.
-The siding outside on our porch is damaged because a previous tenant must have been using the grill on the porch.
-Toilet paper holder in guest bathroom has been ripped off, previous tenant wrote “Shit happens” where the toilet paper holder used to be
-Our baby’s room smells like cat urine from previous tenants pets
-The front room has missing blinds
-There’s mold in the bathroom and leaks in our sink and tub
-The drawer in our the guest bathroom droops and will not open easily.
-there are mattresses all over the parking lot that the owner refuses to dispose of, so they get moldy and disgusting and become a hazard. Kids play in the parking lot!

I understand a lot of these issues are cosmetic, but we’ve been complaining about these issues to maintenance and to the owner for the past SEVEN months. The carpet however is a safety issue. I won’t let our baby play in her own bedroom because I don’t want her to get hurt. It’s so sad we have to be afraid of things like this in our own home. I’ve learned my lesson here and that is to never agree to move into an apartment with any issues even if there are promises to fix those issues. They need to be taken care of prior to moving in.

Earl has money, he owns houses all over the country, but I’ve heard he’d just rather spend it on hookers than on redeeming himself as a decent landlord and human being.

Earl, if you ever read this, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Earl can be contacted at


But hey, he’ll just hang up on you and then ignore every request you have after THREATENING your family. He is in charge of a very unprofessional and shady business and i hope he gets exactly what he deserves. 

Eichelberger Property Management

These people do not make repairs after you have moved into your apartment, and claim they have the right to enter at anytime without notice. Do not sign a lease with them. They will file a judgement against you if you do not pay your rent due to them not making repairs to your dwelling, and it will be up to you to prove they did not meet the lease obligations so document everything. Do not talk to them over the phone. Put EVERYTHING in writing. Lenora is the assistant property manager, and a liar. I had a giant gaping hole in my deck and it took them 6 months to repair it. I wish i would have fallen off of it. 

6460 Wellsmar Ave + Wellston Housing Authority

There have been several incidents to where I have reported things that needed to be fixed, I have waited over a year to get things done or haven’t gotten done at all. The one thing that really broke the straw was when the closet beams fallen off the wall on Sept. 9, 2012 and injured my youngest child. I was about to call them to complain to them about charging me for not signing my rent check on accident for the second time when I have had things on mind. But when I told them about the situation, they just came by to take picture and hope my child was okay. Not seeing if I need an ambulance or fixing the problems, they just left and never said one thing about it. I was so furious that I had to take matters in my own hands. So I contacted a lawyer and wanted some kind of justice for my child and how I was living.