Erin Thomas 463 Foley Rd. Windsor, NY

 Erin Thomas 463 Foley Rd. Windsor, NY

Do not work with the landlord Erin Thomas, 463 Foley Rd, Windsor, NY. Not only will she nickle and dime you for her prior issues with the residence, she will not fix the black mold issue in the house. After we informed her that the entire first floor was riddled with black mold – not only did WE have to scrub the walls and ceiling clean with bleach but also were charged with a high electricity bill to run a dehumidifier 24/7 to “fix” the problem. She never fixed the ruined carpet nor reimbursed us for any of the problems the black mold caused. We had personal property damaged in the process and also didn’t have good health while living there. Terrible living conditions with a self-serving landlord. Don’t live at 463 Foley Rd in Windsor, NY.

1736 Lafayette Ave, Niagara Falls, NY, 14305 Jeffrey ‘Jeff

When I did a walk through of the apartment, the carpets needed to be shampooed and the closet door fixed. I was advised the apartment will be cleaned upon moving in and the closet door fixed. The day of moving in the carpet had the same cigarette scent and stains that I complained about when seeing the apartment. I also realized that the closet door was still falling off the hinge. I did not make it an issue although that was my first red flag. The apartment seemed outdated for the price but the apartment complex employee, Gail, stated that “everything was renovated due to a fire a couple years back.” I could now see that was the second lie to get the apartment rented. The next red flag is that your first month rent is free as a ‘moving special’ when you sign a year lease. Every month you have from the 1st of the month to the 5th of the month to pay the rent. This was my first month living there. On the 6th of the month, I received a letter stating that not only did I owe them the first month’s rent but I also owed them a $25.00 late charge. Talk about deceit? I later realized that everything in the apartment is outdated and is the cause of the previous fires in the units. The agent made it seem as if they had a fire and that was the reason for ‘renovation’ but in fact because they refuse to fix anything for years on end, that was the cause of the fire. I have major electrical problems such as dead outlets, flickering lights all of which my complaints have been ignored. I have major flooding with my toilet each week and somethings it does not even flush. Talk about the well-being of a tenant, I do not even have a carbon monoxide detector, a violation of the resident’s code according to NYS law. The ‘amenities’ around the complex such as the laundry room where the machines charge per load does not work. The management knows this, and when you complain they tell you too bad the money is now theirs. This behavior also correlates with other tenants complaints of them never returning their security deposit. The problems and disrespect living here is never-ending. I’m hoping this complaint can get to correct officials to expose these scam artists. So many people cannot be wrong on the reviews of ApartmentsNiagara, and no one should consider these shady heartless criminals to rent from. The landlord Jeffrey Williams is the true definition of a slumlord, and his regional manager Tracey Gariano-Scalzo whose sister also works there, Gail Gariano should be ashamed of themselves along with her husband the maintenance supervisor, Mark Scalzo, Katelyn Wilson the front desk assistant and Sarah Bauer-Saunders, the Property Manager.  

105 Pilling Street Alvin Keyes

This man is a con artist. When I first dropped my deposit I paid for the month and waited nearly TWO WEEKS for a key which i then received upon threatening to take my money back. In the three years i have lived there he has not given anyone their security back. Not one person. Slacks on repairs. Confrontational. Comes in the apartment WHENEVER UNANNOUNCED and tells you how to live not clealiness wise but personally this man will tell you how to live. DO NOT RENT WITH THIS MAN HE WILL ROB YOU. He is currently charging 1,000$ for my old room which started at 600$ 

LISA COHEN of Eastwood Management 1 Bobrich Drive, Apartment 119F, Rochester, NY 14610

I moved into the Ellison Park Apartments in September 2015. I anticipated using a small studio as a commuter apartment. Upon moving in, there were bugs everywhere because the windows were not properly fitted. This also caused the apartment to be extremely cold in the winter. The outside door was often propped open because the top deadbolt on the door did not always work causing a security risk. The apartment was given to me in filthy condition and it took numerous calls to maintenance to get the apartment in working condition. They would not allow me to be home when maintenance entered my apartment and often entered without notice.

The biggest issue was when they allowed a third party contractor into my apartment, without notice, and left a giant hole in my wall in order to do something with the cable. They not only touched and moved my personal belongings (it was where I stored my underwear and other delicates) but they left dirt everywhere and never refilled the hole. I was obviously distraught at this blatant privacy violation so I asked to be released from my lease because I did not feel comfortable. They told me I was unable to do so and that regardless of what I did, I would be responsible. They then charged me $100 to sublet my apartment.

I did find another tenant and they claimed to do a walkthrough before I left in September 2016. I was not notified of any damage and I had thoroughly cleaned the apartment before leaving and took pictures to show that the apartment was left in standard condition. Despite having a sublet tenant to take over the lease, they refused to release my security deposit and held onto both deposits until one month after the termination of the lease. I recently received the check in the mail and they are attempting to charge me for miscellaneous items that they refuse to show proof of.

They have been misleading in their dealings since Day 1 and the lease agreement itself violates several tenant rights laws.  

Gloria S. Mcqueen

I missed two months rent. I helped her cleaned up the room I’m renting. She is a hoarder.I helped her organized her 70th Bday party, I was her chef, emcee and singer /entertainer anda make up artist.
I worked last Oct. 25th, 2014 to clean up her place till November 15th. My nephew and I worked from 10 am till 11 pm for $60 each person per day.

To make the story short. She has a financial problem .One of her friends owes her $2000
last 2014 and never paid her. She file a complain to the nearest precinct.

Today Feb. 12,2015 around 2pm .My landlady was very upset,and frustrated. I was in the kitchen cooking my own food.But prior to this incident, about 3 days ago, I told her I will be getting my money and will pay my rent.I will also be moving out by March 15th,2015.

She was very angry and telling me that she will have friend get killed and put to jail.
So,I told her I will pay her and I am not stupid if sh was insinuating something about me.
All of a sudden, she exploded with anger, like madness in her face. I asked why are you so mad at me ? She picked up the knife and stabbed the kitchen counter. I told her you have the knife and why don’t you just stab or kill me now. Then ,she dropped it on the floor and kick the chair. She came to me while I was standing and threatened me to get out now.

She said that the entire neighbor knows I didn’t pay the rent. She used profanity words.

She said she called the cops and complain about me .She also mentioned that she is a big shot and she already informed the District Attorney. My rent is $500 room rent.

She is also renting the basement of which it is illegal $800.


14 perrin road luke cromp

i want to find out what i can do to have something done i have asked since i moved in to have them come down and fix the problems in the house they have never came i calll and the only thing that they are worried about is the rent due on the first of every month i just want something done i have a new born that is due any time and i realy dont weant him in this house I REALY DONT HAVE ANYWHERE ELSE TO GO AND I AM RUNNING OUT OF TIME PLEASE HELP