Celia Maximin-833 E. 36th Ave, Eugene, OR 97405

Over the course of 7 months, I lived in Celia Maximin’s home, renting the back room which once belonged to her son. The house was kept dirty. She acknowledged that she needed to clean her fridge once I moved in but never bothered. There were long expired food items as well as moldy tomatoes in the bottom/back of the fridge. She gave me HALF a shelf to use for my food items. I kept all my food in plastic bags because I did not want any contamination to taint my food. She had an ant infestation and did nothing to resolve the issue. She was disrespectful to my presence in the household. Left food, pots, pans, etc on the stove where I would need to cook. Left hair in the bathroom sink as she gets ready for work in the bathroom. She made it an issue that we both be courteous of each other and clean up areas such as the sink. I was the only one keeping it clean. I can’t express how many times I went to brush my teeth only to see her hair in the sink. She is a naturalist and urinates in the toilet and doesn’t flush it. When I first became aware of it, I thought it might have been me one night that I was really tired and I forgot to flush. I will never doubt myself again. It was her and was always her. When I brought it up, she asked me if I was that bent out of shape over it. Of course I am. How would she like if I left feces in the toilet for her to flush. We are sharing a living space. If it’s not ok for me to do that, it shouldn’t be ok for her either with someone living there not related to her. In essence, she was leaving her waste for me to flush and that is just beyond wrong and disgusting.

I paid rent on time for 7 months and little by little, she tried to control my life by telling me to make plans to be out of the home on weekends so she can have alone time. She knew about my illness and that I worked during the week but did not have courtesy for me. After a long work week, I too, enjoy relaxing at home and she had no right telling me to make plans to be out of the home as a courtesy to her. Many times she had people over for meditation and made it difficult for me to enter the living room as they were in deep silence. One time she rushed me out of the kitchen when I was preparing lunch and never told me she was having company then when I brought it to her attention she told me I wouldn’t be a bother to them. So she is confused on a lot. One minute my presence is bothersome, the next I can walk through their meditation and wouldn’t be disturbing them.

She has control issues and needs constant affirmation that things are going her way. Because it was her home, she manipulated things in such a way that I had no say even though I was paying her my money. She asked for my job schedule and I never told her that my schedule changed. The following week she left a note for me to give her an update on my schedule. There was no update so there was no need to rewrite my schedule. I ignored her note, then ignored her email about the same topic. Shortly after that, I gave her my 30 day notice. It’s almost like a compulsion with her that she has to make certain things go her way.

One morning I woke up to see her kitchen picture frame on the floor, broken. I cleaned up the broken glass and left her a note about it. Right away, she assumed I broke it. That I must have touched it, or slammed a door and did something that resulted in it falling. She made sure to mention that it’s been hanging there undisturbed for 7 years and suddenly it falls with me in the home. When I had a meeting with her the following weekend, she was VERY insulting and disrespectful on the matter. She flat out told me whether I broke it or not, I have a shared responsibility and because I was a tenant, I should spend my money to fix her frame. It was one of the most moronic things I had ever heard. We are strangers. I am not her friend, family member, lover or otherwise. It is not my responsibility to fix anything in her home that breaks. Just like I would never hold her responsible for something of mine that broke in her house. Later that day, I checked the back of the frame. It was hanging on a nail from a flimsy piece of musty cardboard that was about to break any day now. I never bothered telling her. Out of the goodness of my heart, I had it replaced for free at my job.

She foolishly opened up her home for rental without thinking it through resulting in her feeling overwhelmed by another presence. She had plenty of opportunities to tell me about the type of person she is. Had I known she was so sheltered, I would have found another place to live almost immediately after moving to Oregon. She held me responsible for damage I knew nothing about. My word wasn’t enough for her which led her to say how she doesn’t know who I am at all and doesn’t trust me. If that was the case, why would she invite me to live with her? She made constant references to her mortgage needing to be paid off. Told me early on she has two mortgages on her home. Once I finally gave her my 30 day notice, she attempted to get more money out of me by telling me her electricity bill was higher during the last month of my living there and I would need to pay her extra to cover the cost of that. Not only did she not provide proof of this raise in energy, but I paid her first/last month’s rent which covers any expenditures, and electricity usage is included in the cost of rent. It was a shameful attempt at getting more money out of me. At that point, she had over $4000 in her bank account from me so to see her try to scam me out of more money implies everything about her character. Once I told her during the room inspection that I wasn’t paying her anything more, she quickly dropped the issue.

She is very scatterbrained and admittedly weird. She acknowledges this about herself yet thinks she is so on top of things by being “observant” as to what I am doing in her home. Sometimes when I handed her the rent check, I would see it on the kitchen table the next day like it was a piece of mail. If she lost it, I would not write her another check. Shortly before I moved out, she left and took off in her car and did not close the front door. If I weren’t home, anyone could have walked right in and robbed her. She literally left the door wide open.

I was very civil under duress and extreme pressure and annoyance. I kept my calm instead of reacting in a way I would regret. She clearly has issues and money is the root of her evil. It will drive her to say and do unbelievable things and she should NEVER be allowed to do this to another person in need of a room to rent. This was my first living experience being on my own and it was extremely traumatizing for me because I felt like I had no voice. On my final day there, I was asked to retrieve a wireless router from her office that did not belong to her. I had been in her office many times before when she was there, so that implied to me that it was ok for me to enter her office even if she did not know about it. I retrieved the router and left her a note about what I had did. And I also mentioned that if she was having trouble connecting to the internet to send me a text so I can come and fix it. She called me later that night and left me a derogatory voicemail about how I was disrespectful in going into her office without her permission. It was yet another thing that she blew up out of proportion. Such as the damage I knew nothing about. Saying I am the only one else living there, so it must be me. That was extremely insulting. Young students in Eugene should be aware of who she is and what to expect should they ever rent a room in her home. If they are Lane Community College students, they might know her face as she works for the Downtown campus. 

Lonny R Lee and Lana K Lee 23 Meadowfield, Eagle Point, OR 97524

My husband who is active duty Marine and I inquired about a property in Eagle Point Oregon Jan 2008 when he received recruiting duty assignment there. The landlord requested a “security deposit” up front of $650. My husband ended up receiving a order change shortly thereafter. We informed the landlord we would NOT be signing a lease for the property because of the change of orders. We never took possession of this property nor did we sign a lease. However we were continuously harassed by this landlord to provide a first and last months rent (even though we hadn’t even signed a leasing agreement) The landlord kept the $650 and refused to refund us our money. We feel we were scammed out of our $650 and this landlord used scare tactics and bullied us into keeping the funds. We want action to be taken against this landlord for their unlawful actions against tenants.