390 & 394 east 2700 South, south salt lake, Utah Phyllis Bell/Nielsen

This list is complied of items the landlord is FULLY aware of but does nothing to remedy. Some items have been present for years.
390 & 394 East 2700 South, South Salt Lake, UTAH 84115
Landlord> Phyllis and Brian Nielsen 801-598-2031

Hand rails on stair case’s broken (fall hazard) *both Buildings*,
Severally damaged or missing window screens. *both buildings*,
Storage of lawn equipment and gas for such stored in basement storage area by 2 gas water heaters,
Water damaged and moldy carpet removed but never replaced, Children in room with carpet tacking exposed,
Counter tops made with bathroom tile and sand grout *Health Hazard*,
Broken or damaged front doors (both buildings),
Broken windows (both buildings),
Windows covered with cardboard. (both buildings),
All apartments> smoke detectors never checked or battery changed,
Leaking faucets, Both buildings.,
Holes in floors *bathroom in 1 unit looks down into landlords storage area underneath.,
No fire extinguishers.,
Fire escapes (walkways) cluttered and used for storage.,
No access for the handicapped,
Damaged walkways,
Apartment wreaks of cat urine,
Broken stoves, refrigerators, toilets.

Landlord KNOWINGLY rents to very active prostitutes.

Excessive foot traffic due to prostitutes numerous clients…Drug and drug paraphernalia found by tenants, children and landlord after prostitutes clients leave, ^^^continuous odors of mar iguana and meth from prostitutes apartment. NOTE> Landlord gives prostitute free rent. 

394 Alta View Dr. Midvale Utah 84047 Kenneth Larsen 801-671-4811

I live next door to the property, 394 Alta View Drive, Midvale Utah 84047 owned by Kenneth Larsen – phone #801-671-4811 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            801-671-4811      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, and have asked Ken on several occasions to trim/remove the chinese sumac(also called Tree of Heaven or Ailanthus altissima trees that border our property. In the fall of 2011 Ken told me that he would trim/remove the trees in spring of 2012. I contacted Ken in late-May 2012 and he told me he was selling the house and refused to honor his verbal agreement to trim the trees. These trees have taken over the boundary of our property and have forced me to move the location of my satellite dish due to blocked reception. I will most likely have to move it again before end of summer 2012. These trees are also encroaching on my property to the point where they will soon be touching my house. They are a haven for birds which has lead to my driveway (and any cars that may be there) being covered with bird droppings. In the fall, the branches and leaves litter my driveway and I can easily fill a truck bed with them. The root system is cracking the cement in my driveway and the root suckers come up everywhere in my yard or wherever there is an existing crack in the driveway or cement. I am also concerned, due to the shallow root system and soft wood of the tree, that if a strong wind were to blow these trees could be uprooted and damage my home as they fall.