Joann Dubois 317 grove avenue, petersburg va 23803

Joann Dubois 317 grove avenue, petersburg va 23803

Our landlords name is Joann Dubois are address is 317 grove avenue in petersburg va 23803 i am writing u this because she has done nothing for us. We have been dealing with the neighbors down stairs smoking weed, now spraying heavy cleaner that is very toxic to not only me but my kids and my boyfriend. Every time we ask her to do something she just tells us to go to the cops. She told us before she does anything the man down stairs has to be in jail. This place got busted before for having a wanted fugitive down stairs and she didn’t want to even come here when it happen because her friend was over.This is not a safe environment for me or my children to live. I believe all she cares about at the end of the day is the money and to me that is what u call a slum lord we message her all the time and she does not get in contact with us. We really need help if u can help us we would appreciate it a lot im just a mother concerned about her children and safety.

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Owners will not fix broken equipment, they lose rent checks and charge late fees. They lie, are rude, speak disrespectful, and threaten residents. They do not return deposits. They run off residents to bring in low income. They do not keep outer areas clean. Trash does not get picked up, the apartments are not maintained. Rocky Goad Tim Price Williamsburg Estates LLC Dublin VA 

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I have had many issues with the heat and hot water system in my apartment. (They are individual to the apartment and an interconnected system.) For a couple of weeks, the pilot for the hot water heater would go out, causing both heat and hot water to turn off. This usually happened on windy days, and maintenance came by to relight the pilot. (I was not able to myself because the hot water heater is behind a locked door that I do not have access to. Two days ago, I was told by maintenance that the hot water heater is leaking and needs to be replaced. However both the maintenance manager (James) and the property manager (Dianna) were on vacation and there was no way to speed up the process of getting a new hot water heater without them. Fast forward 2 days later – I still have no heat or hot water. The management office claims a new heater will be delivered today, but have also not been answering my questions as to exactly when that will happen. I still have 0 heat or hot water… and it is January. The issue may or may not be fixed today… but I am not holding my breath.