Vince Decker Windermere Property Management Company Washington

Vince Decker Windermere Property Management Company Washington

Vince Decker Windermere Property Management Company Washington. I moved into this premise on  a 12 month lease agreement. When I first moved into this property the dishwasher and kitchen sink were not working well, hardly any water was being pushed through. I sent in a request to the property management to fix this issue because we were having to wash our dishes in the bathroom sink, this request was submitted on the date we moved in  and not completed for several months thereafter. (I have a copy of all maintenance requests) After this was completed we noticed a large amount of water downstairs coming from right below where the kitchen sink and dishwasher are. The piping was too lose and had flooded out the downstairs below, the water damage knocked out the ceiling panels and flooded the carpet. I immediately notified the property management of this problem. They sent out a guy to “stop the leak” however he did nothing with the property thereafter in regards to the water damage. This request was made on 2/01/2018 todays date is 3/31/2018 and the damage and water has still yet to be addressed. This living area is where in children’s living space is, they no longer could use the own space downstairs because the mold odor was becoming and became a very real health concern, I have six children,  twins that are under the age of 1 still and my elderly father with COPD, and I myself have serve asthma. I was asked to renew my lease and was unsure because of the inhabitable living conditions. I stated I would do a month to month thereafter when the lease expires. The management company responded with the owner stating he will not do a month to month. With children and an elderly father whom I provide care for and little money to move I agreed to resigning the lease. The management company then replied that the owner wants me out and wishes to sell the property. My lease expires today and the house is already up for rent on Windermere’s renting  sight. I feel as though I was discriminated against for requesting maintenance in which  was entitled to request in accordance to our lease agreement. The management company is requesting the keys back regardless of me requesting

2937 76th Ave SE #33C, 989040 Yates Wood Property Management

I bought a condominium in Island Habitat, a Yates Wood property in May, 2015. Before being purchased, I was required by state law to have an inspector come out and assess quality of property internally and externally.

Per his report (Kelly Inspection Services), it was clearly noted that the porch sustained significant damage and wear with a cracking sealant. He also noted that there was roof was filthy, covered in dirt and debris, and that the shingles themselves were required by state law to be updated for the entire building within the next 2 years.

Per the bylaws clearly stated by Yates Wood Property Management, they are required to fix ALL exterior issues AND to resolve all damage left by previous owner before new owners arrive. Currently our porch is severely damaged AND everytime it rains, the debris from the roof causes layers of dirt to fall down on top of our outdoor furniture. The dirt is so extreme that the rain brings clumps of dust, debris inside the house as well through the windows. Not to mention our skylights are so filthy that you can’t get a clear view of outside.

I have been in contact weekly with Kathleen Chafin at Yates Wood Property Management since the end of April 2015. I have requested repeatedly (Over 6 times) for these minor exterior fixes to be completed with no response or willingness to comply to their own rules.

I pay Yates Wood $450 a month in HOA fees yet they claim they have no money for property upkeep (I’ve got this in an email).  

9330 SE 47th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040 Cheryl Marshall

Cheryl Marshall, wife of Mark Mills who apparently works as an engineer at Boeing, has been illegally renting rooms in their house on Mercer Island Washington, which is against zoning code. The address of this boarding house is 9330 SE 47th Street, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

She has illegally taken and kept a $600 cash deposit from me on a room – and then I said that I forfeited it less than two days later because she did not approve my application – and in fact never bothered to respond to my emails until I threatened legal action.

She has refused to refund my deposit, but is no longer advertising the room for rent. Perhaps she rented it to someone else? Or maybe she is scared that the City will be researching her illegal activity? I’m sure that I am not the first person she has stolen a deposit from, but I am hoping to be the last, as I am tirelessly working to warn everyone who cares to look up their address.

Besides pending legal action, the City of Mercer Island needs to take action against Ms. Marshall, to protect the integrity of their single family neighborhoods. She apparently is renting out 4 different rooms to individuals, causing more traffic and noise in the otherwise quiet neighborhood. 

1224 South Yakima Ave, Tacoma,WA 98405 Mike and Kevin

Landlords have known about mold problems for years and have done nothing about it. The mold is in all window sills, the bedroom and living room walls and the bathroom ceiling. He came up to my apartment today and told me the mold was my fault and told me I had to keep cleaning it and there was nothing he could do about it. Even though all 3 windows are open and fans on all day everyday. Also I have been asking for about a year for him to cut down the vines from my windows so I can open them. He says he will send someone up to do that and no-one has come. The one window in the bedroom doesn’t even close all the way and is duct taped shut. There are two bathroom doors, one doesn’t open from the outside and the other doesn’t even have a latch. Only 2.5 outlets in my whole apartment work and he says he cant fix them. My bathtub drain latch has been broken about 3 months now and still not fixed. Those are just the beginning of the problems in my apartment. The bedroom door doesn’t shut and had to put in 4 inch long nails to make it stay in doorframe. They messed up hallway opening and kitchen floor when moving in fridge and stove. The apartment has had 3 maintenance men since I moved in and no-one does anything. I feel like I am harassing them all how much I get ahold of them to take of problems.  

1250 Basin St SW Ephrata, WA 98823

I recently read a report about Pillar Rock Realty Group, Which I own. I have tried to reply to the tenants complaints and have been unsuccessful in doing so. Tenants need to know that landlords cannot just evict a tenant because they have a Pit Bull. There are laws in place that protect then tenants and their rights. We as owners or landlords have to take legal and proper measures in the eviction process. As far as the sprinkler not working. That is correct that the controls are located in different locations and not always in the backyards. We were there to fix the problem. The tenant failed to recognize that. And as far as the nail holes there is a walk through process and a sheet that is filled out before every tenant takes possession. This should have been noted by the tenant. Everyone has a responsibility and we are all human ,but please stop blaming others for your lack of attention to matters. I remember you dog and it eating the plants. I also remember paying a vet bill which you failed to mention. We did not have to do that. you could have been walking your dog down any street and the animal could have eaten anyone’s plants. Its your responsibility to train your animal not to do that. I did not charge you for the ruined plant that your dog ate. We did our best to find out the plant. Its tenants like you that make landlords not want to rent to pets and you ruin it for the other people. I hope you find happiness and most of all find a reality that will keep you from going crazy and realize that everyone has a hand in what happens in their life. We try to make sure all of our tenants are respected and feel at home in their homes . I am sorry you had a bad experience.  

PIllar Rock Realty 1250 Basin St. Ephrata, WA 98823 Jennifer Colley, Porsche Unsoeld, Kelley Colley

PIllar Rock Realty 1250 Basin St. Ephrata, WA 98823

I should have known from the start.

When I called to schedule and appt to look at the apartment, they gave me the code over the phone and let me look around by myself.

I noted the neighbor had a Pitbull, Pillar Rock Realty told me that they do not allow Pitbulls. 2 different people in the company told me this, and nothing was taken care of untill I filed a formal complaint with them and the city police 3 months later.

An automated sprinkler broke flooding my yard and neigbors yard. I stopped it myself. It took them a week before they came out to fix it. I had to call every day and each day they told me someone was coming out.

My dog got sick. I asked if they can provide me the names of the plants in the front to ensure those plants didn’t make my dog sick. They still havn’t provided me anything substantial.

They provide lawn care by hiring out to a local company. This company opens my gate to my back yard and does there work without notifing me. Invasion of privacy. I though I was being robbed each time. I asked three times to have them knock and announce themselves. Nothing happened. So, I locked the gate. When they were troubleshooting my broken sprinkler they said the maintainance guy came by and found out that a circuit board was bad. I asked how he verified that. Pillar Rock said that they went in the back yard and looked. I told them thats a lie because my gates are locked. They responded with my yard is being controlled by a neighbors controller and the one in my yard doesn’t controll anything.

When I moved in the place was filthy. “Dust settles” is what they told me.

There were numerous nail holes from previous tennents. Pillar Rock did not provide me with paint or the paint code to cover them up. When I left, me being the decent person I am, filled the holes with spackling and left a bit so they know where to touch up with paint. They are now hiring someone to paint it and taking it out of my deposit.

They want me to professionally clean the carpets. My contract says nothing of the sort.

They have been rude to me everytime I have spoken to them.

They change meeting times to make the tenant look bad.

They show up to meetings in workout gear.

It has been two days from month since I have moved out, and they have still not provided me with a detailed receipt for my deposit.

These have all taken place with Jennifer Colley, Porsche Unsoeld, Kelley Colley.

Pillar Rock Realty Group 509-754-4444