1758 lost ln. Green Bay WI Eric Schmoll

I have personally seen Mr. Schmoll enter foreclosed properties before they went up for auction at the sheriffs dept. I’ve left properties that he wanted or was illegally modifying due to wanting no involvement. One property he had someone with NO experience “FIX” the main column or support of the sunken 2 story 2 family duplex, he continues to sidestep laws and the city , HE does however seem to be buddy buddy with the city inspector that or he gets many many many complaints because the CI knows all his contact info by heart, that would explain why a tenant was forced out due to foundation/water problems especially MOLD and the CI tagged the unit so rather than fix the problem (which has the porch to upstairs pulling away and the chimney looking like the leaning tower of Pisa ) he sprayed bleach and jomax temp. dissolving the mold and moved a new tenant in. His rental practices are illegal unsafe and just plain WRONG I left last property due to severe illness and unsafe conditions for my children Aug. 23rd it was condemned on AUG 25th . As for his flip properties he NEVER EVER gets a losing deal, NO ONE I don’t care how many flips or how long they have been flipping houses goes WITHOUT a LEMON so to speak, MAKES YOU WONDER HOW AND WHY THAT IS. one property had such bad foundation problems he asked me to go over and wipe up the water the day of closing and make sure the heater was of and HW heater, you see there was 5 ft of water in the basement when he bought it. WHY DOESN”T SOMEONE STOP THIS SLUM, no one here seems to want to deal with it and pushes it down the line. He was working for Coldwell Banker but rarely sold any properties other than his own then POOF he and his partner have there own Co. in a small office. ERIC SCHMOLL 920-883-7027 . My losses all together exceed $10,000.00 in lost monies, lost personal property and hotel rooms, now he just dumped the contents from Lost Ln on a friend of mine property according to GBPD that legal, even thou it was deemed HAZARD’s to human’s and I had to leave it behind I couldn’t even go in and get anything because the many thing from 3 kinds of mold to pet and human waste had built up in my system as I was trying to remove the carpet etc. to rectify the situation but the further I got into it the worse it got 5 mins inside and I’d be throwing up.  

Jim and Holly Grabinski

My landlord refuses to fix or replace fridge in my apartment. It is leaking water all over the floor and pooling in the bottom, it gets freezing then warms up, I lose all my food at least once a week. when I contacted him about it, he told me the fridge was left there previous tenant and if I want to claim it I can, but he will not fix it and it is my responsibility, because he doesnt rent property with one. He never informed me of this at time of leasing, and I feel as if he should replace fridge, he rented the property to me with it, and never mentioned anything about it until it needs replacing. Also, he will come onto property without notice, go in the basement, not sure what he is doing down there, but he has no business down there, my washer and dryer and storage stuff is down there.