111 Reef Road Fairfield, CT 06824 Madeline and Peter O’Shea

Renting from this dynamic duo/landlords- she, a realtor and he, a dentist was an absolute nightmare. From the onset, had I known more about CT and oil tanks, I should have requested proof that the oil tank was in fact, full, upon my occupancy. The lease states that the landlord is responsible for making sure the tank is full upon a new move-in but that is hogwash- it is the tenant’s responsibility. Who has this kind of money? I filled the 580 gallon oil tank in early January ’14 and the WHOLE house (dentist, myself and other office tenant) runs out of hot water in mid-July. The dentist asks me to call my oil company to fix the problem- I said, No, I don’t think so- not if I have been paying for everyone’s hot water. I refused to get the dip test done.

My landlord/dentist refused to fix the hot water until I called the health dept. in Fairfield to report his unsanitary dentist practice-operating without hot water.Even then, he didn’t fix the problem- the oil company (his) put 80 gallons of oil into the underground tank which had 6 inches of sludge in it. Find out, through eavesdropping, because the LL refused to communicate with me and the other tenant, that the oil tank has been leaking, is toxic and needs to be removed. Nice– what you get if you neglect something for 15 years. Also, the entire house needs a rehaul/new plumbing system. I was fuming but knew that I had leverage b/c the tank could not be filled- nor did I have the money to do so.

It is August 26th and they have exceeded the 30 day deadline-from my sec deposit refund letter with forwarding address- so now it is war.

DO NOT rent from these people!!!