1400 Chalmette Drive, Apt. 4, Atlanta

I and my family has signed a lease with Paula Propst here in Atlanta, and one of our friends has seen the condo beforehand. Then I arrived and found the condo’s condition could not meet what we have imagined and been told. Yet we had to fulfilled it according to the lease with a deposit of 1200 USD and monthly rent. During this time, the landlord is complaining and making fuss about everything, and the watering toilet has only been mended one month later after I threatened to end the lease.

She overemphasizes the value of her old-fashioned condo, and always warns how much of this and that, in which her leather chair worths 3000 usd per inch. We felt we are living in a museum rather than a normal housing. We have to be overcautious at the expense of our leisure and quality of life with a small kid with us.

In this last month, we have paid all the rent, and she promised to return us the deposit earlier, rather than the last day we are here at States (we will be back to China on this day). But when she got everything in hand, she just overruled what she promised, and threatened not to return us deposit, even on the last day.

So would you help to convince her she should fulfilled her obligation as a landlord and check the status of her condo and also leave enough time for us to get prepared for the way back, and pay back our deposit according to what has been defined by the lease?

I doute the credibility of this old lady as a landlord.