174 Roosevelt Street, Hartford, Ct. 06114 Mr. Francisco R. Cosme

A little over two years ago I became aware that my landlord who lives less than three feet from me goes on these binges. To the point of stalking me, cussing at me, banging and ringing my door bell nonstop asking for his rent. Leaving me notes on my door even though he knows that I pay him weekly and that I am a sick woman. On different occasions I would leave to go to doctors appointments and when I would return to find different half empty beverage bottles on my counter or on my dresser and they are not the brand I consume. And I had also noticed my underwear drawer was not as I had left them. I live alone and have been very ill for the past three years. He is the only one who has keys to my unit. Never mind that he has refused to give me copies to the door at the back of my unit as well to the back exits to the building. on July 18th 2013 he was on one of his binges and I was taking a shower he opened my bathroom window and said that he wanted to see me naked. I told him that I did not find that amusing to get away or I would call my son. He stomped out cussing in Spanish and in English. There have been so many incidents and I tried to address them with his son whose response was I don’t want to get involved. I had property that I had stored in my basement stolen. Since I did not see who did it I could not point fingers. Last month he came to me and told me that he wanted me to move by March first. That to keep my money and if the apartment was not damaged he would return my security. Currently I have a court protection order against him and his son since he tried to shoot me twice in one day and I fear for my life. They also installed a lock on the basement door so I have no access to my property that I need to remove since I am moving and I have a rented washer and dryer that I have been unable to use as well because the door is constantly locked. He also stole a pair of panties of mine apparently masturbated on them got some empty liquor bottles and tacked them to the wall of my back hallway. There are no lights in the hallways after 10:30pm. He goes as far as to removing the bulbs. He complained to me that I vomited and used his bathroom water too much. that not to flush the toilet so much. I have had mold and mildew in my bathroom all these years and every spring he is going to change it but does not. And I have tried every cleaner available and nothing works. Plus I cannot clean after 8pm. Cannot have gatherings, cannot vacuum after 7pm and a lot of times he complains about the smell of my food rising and that it bothers him, but to ask for a plate of food that does not bother him. But he can make all the noise he wants, smoke that crap that stinks, leave all the building doors open, gate and car included and it is ok. I have found his keys many times on the front stairs or in the ignition of his new car while he has been on one of his binges and stupid me I would take them and keep then safe until he came down from his latest binge. I also fell down the basement stairs because he removed the light bulb. I have IBS,Gastroparesis, Syncope, Low Blood Pressure, PTSD, anxiety and a lot of other conditions. I am constantly in the bathroom and I just had my uterus removed because of lyeomas. And he is aware of all this. I have taken pictures of everything and he also hung a sexually explicit doll over my washing machine. No person should have to live in fear. He also has an illegal apartment in the basement. Has some illegal residents on the first floor. Has threatened other tenants with his illegal gun and a neighbor whom all did call the cops but did not press charges and opted to move. Early this morning I heard footsteps above my apartment and someone jangling my back door doorknob. When there is a protection order in place and no one should be there. I stayed utterly quiet and when I tried to reach my victim advocate I got his voicemail but no one returned my call. He is a nasty, conniving, abusive, vile mouthed, man. Disrespectful to women. He is all about money and his habits. This man needs serious addiction, mental and alcoholic help. Plus anger management. He went so far to do some harassing and name calling to his ex daughterinlaw, his five year old granddaughter, and locking the 7 year old grandson out of the apartment. All the while using the meanest disrespectful words. I myself called the cops on him. Please anyone stay away from this property, he says he has the police department in his pocket and that since he has money he can do what he wants to anyone. I took so long before reporting him because I felt sorry for him. always alone, no family nor friends visit him. Now I know why. Please do not make my email available to him nor his son. Thank you.