Lindsay court apartments 404 Lindsay Ct, Louisville, KY 40206 Phone: (502) 356-4334

Lindsay court apartments 404 Lindsay Ct, Louisville, KY 40206 Phone: (502) 356-4334

They are racist…. They do not like kids… They refused my money. They put an eviction letter on my door stating the court date was on the 25th when it really was on the 23rd which of course made me miss the date and get evicted. I have proof of everything but the ONLY way to prove it is if i PAY and THEN I could appealūüė†ūüėí

Indiana Slumlord Don Johnson 537 Broadway, Chesterton, IN 46304

  • Last year, I rented an apartment that was attached to the landlords business. It was a true nightmare from the very beginning. On move-in date, none of the projects and repairs that he had promised would be done prior to my moving in, had been completed. There was a large shower in the middle if my living room. It stayed this way for weeks. There were health issues, which grew worse over time.¬† The toilet was not bolted into the floor and was not sealed. There was exposed space all around the toilet and it constantly overflowed. But, the biggest, almost deadly issue didn’t come until the weather changed. I moved in in July. When the weather changed in September, it started raining inside the room that was illegally advertised as a third bedroom. Soon after, black mold appeared everywhere. I quickly became very ill. I developed an infection in my leg from the mold. The infection quickly led to sepsis and I found myself in the hospital for nine weeks, was in intensive care three times and was literally fighting for my life. My son moved our things out if that awful place. Some things could not be salvaged. Some still have mold damage, like my antique china cabinet and bedroom set. I am still recovering from my hospital ordeal. And this landlord wanted to be paid extra money for me breaking the lease! Oh, the best part? He is currently up on 19 felony charges for doing these same types of things to many other people. Real estate fraud with rent to buy scams, etc.

Matt Mcdonald refuses to clean up dogshit and fix broken fridge

I moved in back in October and began complaining about trash and poop filled yard within weeks. My fridge reeks of mold and dissent seal properly. Matt has had a fridge guy come out and say that he can’t fix the fridge but Matt now refuses to talk to me about it saying it’s fine. He also refuses to be responcable for the poop in the yard saying he’s has talked to them and now I have to.

Rent from Matt if you enjoy living in health hazard conditions and love the smell of mold and dogshit.

Tuu Duc Le, 1996 Waverly Way, Montgomery, Illinois, 60538

I was brutally, physically abused by my girlfriend while living with her. I left the property and emailed Mr. Le the day I vacated the premises. I explained that I have proof that I would show him. He emailed me back after four days stating that he would not allow me off of the lease under the Illinois Safe Homes Act because I did not inform him within three days of my intent to vacate. I was undoubtedly in imminent danger, but Mr. Le wouldn’t even look at the proof I had. Then after me having been away from the property for over 30 days, my ex girlfriend made up lies saying that I had harassed her, while I have proof that she attacked me physically. Tuu Duc Le immediately allowed her to break the lease and now he’s attempting to hold me liable for it. I feel not only like a victim of domestic abuse, but also a victim of discrimination because I am a man who suffered the domestic abuse and being a man must mean I don’t have a right to be safe in my home.

I also found out that there was a violent suicide which took place in this rental property less than a year ago, where a man shot himself to death. Although Mr. Le may not be obligated by law to disclose this, I informed him that I had learned of the suicide, and Mr. Le would not even acknowledge it. What sort of an insensitive human being would do that?

It is my opinion that Mr. Le will bend the rules to suit his own financial gain, he lacks morals, and he is dishonest in his business practices. Being sure his ‚Äúcustomer‚ÄĚ is happy is his last priority, while getting paid is his only concern. Shame on you Tuu Duc Le.

Mr. Mel Laundry, 796 Wilson Ave, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Mel Laundry of Lake Forest IL, owns the rental townhome at 796 Wilson Ave, Glen Ellyn, IL. His tenants have been arrested or cited for drug offenses & other crimes multiple times.¬†Notices of the crimes¬†can be found on the Glen Ellyn police website under the “Press Bulletins and Alerts” page. There¬†continues to be¬†ongoing drug dealing and other crime at this rental. Mr Laundry and his wife have been contacted many times and¬†they have¬†done nothing about it. They knowingly allows drug¬†dealing and other crime to occur at their rentals¬†while they continue to cash in the rent checks from their¬†Lake Forest home.

Annie Scarborough, Eric Scarborough

I moved from 5521 Roswell Street, SDCA, on February 27, 2018, where I rented this house 20 years. The landlord Annie/Eric Scarborough bMr Scarborough became aggressive when I asked for the return of my deposit. He said they should keep my deposit b/c my rent hadn’t been increased in 11years. It hadn’t been upgraded in 15 years either. In the mean time, I moved to TX, & sent my brother, who was on the lease as well, to do the walk thru move out with the landlord. The landlord claimed to be¬† keeping $300 of the $400 deposit to depose of trash on the outside of the house, & for patch repair I made to the walls. He didn’t indicate the patch work was unsatisfactory Feb4,2018. When he showed up unannounced to “tell me off”. He was mad about the text I sent, trying to set up a walk thru move out inspection, & return of the deposit. He tried man handling me/being physically aggressive toward me. He noticed the patches & only said, they all would need to be sanded. March 01, 2018, my brother met with the landlord, & texted the landlord indicated we would only be getting $100 of the original $400, returned. I immediately texted the landlord, & asked for the mandatory Itemized Deduction Statement, b/c I felt keeping $300, & saying it was for trash left on outside of the house was excessive, & there was nothing wrong with the patches. It took the landlord 2 days to respond. Instead of saying he would send the Itemized Statement, which he didnt even mention the patches, kept saying it was so much trash, & I should be talking to my brother, not him. I even sighted the CA landlord code for the proper way to make deductions to the deposit, & what his responsibilities were. After 21 days he didn’t send the itemized statement. I sent via USPS a Letter of Demand, advising the landlord, he had forfeited any claims to my deposit. I told him, even with the law being on my side, I was only asking for an additional $150. He argued back & forth + said he wasn’t going to communicate with me anymore. I told him I was suing him in small claims court. I haven’t heard from him since March 31, when I told him to tell his story to the court.



405 E. Oakwood Boulevard Unit 3K , Chicago, Illinois 60616

To the citizen of Chicago, Illinois regarding property located at ¬†405 E. Oakwood Boulevard, Unit #3K owner Desirie McKay.¬† I am currently leasing from the said mention owner for nearly two years;¬†move¬†in date¬†October 1, 2016.¬†I was suppose to pick up the keys on a week before move-in didn’t happen, the unit was extremely dirty.¬†¬†Upon viewing the unit I notice that there were missing vertical blind panels (8 or more) missing from the vertical blinds the owner stated they were in the closet and that they just needed to be reattached, not sure the entire apparatus¬†was broken and the¬†panels were broken and dirty, she stated that she would replace the panels or put in window treatments.¬†¬† The window in second bedroom (my daughter bedroom) would drop entire two inches every two months or so bringing in the elements during a particular season.¬† When I informed her of the issues with the window she sent her husband, she lift the window back in place and told me I should get a barstool if the window should drop again.¬† In the main bedroom there were 53 or more holes in the wall that I tried to repair¬†before the wall could be painted, during the initial visit I could not view the unit because she and her family were still living in the unit.¬† After residing in the unit for three months or so I begin to experience problems with rodents (mice) running rampant in my daughter’s bedroom.¬†¬†After complaining for a couple of weeks or so she hire an exterminator that plug a number of holes within the unit.¬† After plugging the holes am unbearable ¬†stench¬†blanket the entire units. She brought¬†odor eliminators, which didn’t work.¬† I thought it may have been the heating and air condition unit throwing off a awful stench, so I¬†asked her if she could¬†have it clean, she did.¬†¬†The professionals stated that the ducks needed to be cleaned¬†siting that rodents are¬†stuck¬†in the duck system,¬†she refused.¬†¬†The plumbing, the sink in main bathroom, second bathroom and the kitchen sink would back up nearly every¬†week, her husband came to the unit once to¬†address the issues and stated that it would be best if I purchase a plunger¬†should the sinks back up again, the did.¬† The sinks continued to back up for several months thereafter.¬† She finally got the sink and toilets fix.¬† A waste trap underneath the sink hadn’t been cleaned since Desire McKay the owner and lessor purchased the unit.¬† The bathrooms needed silent around the tubs and sinks, I purchased the silent and the building handyman put the silent around the tubs and sinks.¬† There are a number of other issues with the unit however these are the most outstanding issues that the public needs to be reveal to the public

Deceased Vincent Liposky, Wilmyer Court Apt Complex 112 A Hamilton Avenue, Morristown, TN 37814

My mother who was 95 years old passed away¬†on June 26, 2018. She¬†was a faithful tenant for 9 1/2 years at the Wilmyer Court Apts in Morristown, TN.¬† The landlord of her apartment complex¬†is Vincent Liposky.¬†¬† She was such a trusting & loyal tenant that Mr. Lipsoky had potential new tenants to come & look through her apartment as a “model apartment” which she did proudly for him.¬†¬† He also takes several trips some out of the county during the year and would leave her a master key to all apartments with a list of repairmen so that if anything “tore up” while he was gone she was instructed to make the contact to have it checked.¬† We are currently in a legal situation with Mr. Liposky due to his continued practice of not refunding individuals their damage deposits back.¬† I even had witnesses while we were settling her personal effects, packing, moving etc opening saying he would give hers back BUT that he normally didn’t so that he could keep the money as an contingency until said vacant apartments were rented again.¬† None of this is in the lease you sign.¬† He procrastinates in repairing things in the apartment, unannounced enters your apartment which he has done with several women tenants.¬†¬† He is a liar!¬† He did not show up for the final walk through of the apartment , will not return calls or emails nor a certified letter sent to him.¬†¬†¬† This is NOT someone you want to ever rent from unless you want to end up in court.¬† He is dishonest, untruthful, unreliable and unprofessional.

Lisa ballew 118 Huntingdon village drive hunker pa 15639

Lisa ballew refuses to answer the phone or return phone calls, while requiring you to schedule an appointment to meet with her. She becomes disrespectful if you question her on why she can’t return calls and makes excuses as to why she’s too busy to “deal with us.”


She’s withheld information regarding the addition of another pregnant resident to my lease as well as my two year old daughter which has directly effected my ability to apply for assistances.

She’s also actively discriminating against my pregnant spouse because she’s called her unprofessional and rude. Which has caused unexplainable delays in the processing of my applications


Whenever I’ve approached her to ask about my paperwork she’s incredibly disrespectful and unprofessional. She speaks with attitude and sass and berates tenants who ask simple questions.



Mark Taylor, 4315 S. 12th. Ave, Tucson, Arizona, 85714

Basically, our landlord has refused to fix the roach infestation and essentially has evicted us because HE can”t fix a leak in the roof, which leaks directly on to our bed. he has been informed well in advance about these issues and more, but hasn’t really done anything to resolve the situation. So he is evicting us.

Callowhill Properties, 514 Franklin St., Reading, PA, 19602

This is a recurring problem that’s happened since my first day in here. Those “Landlords” are not following their side of the lease. The lease clearly states that the use of Air conditioners, Space Heaters, and Hot Plates are not allowed in the property due to the fact that it takes up too much electricity. Furthermore, the building’s electrical system is too weak for things such as Air Conditioners to begin with, and now I’m hearing that the electrical wiring needs work. Thus they need to call in an electrician (or whatever). But those landlords have done absolutely nothing. Sure this a recurring problem that only happens during summer time. But they are not getting things under control. And it gets worse, they did a check-up on the rooms. One of the tenants snuck in an Air Conditioner. It was spotted by the landlord & the maintenance worker. But again, Nothing Happened. No Eviction notice, No Warning, Nothing at all. And to add insult to injury, when I (or someone else) complains to them about it, they said “If you don’t like it, you can always move out.” A lot of us can’t afford to move out just yet, and they are doing all of this to justify their laziness. We need help, please.

Amalia Mcguire, 1130 11th ave. San diego, CA 92101

My landlord has been unprofessional since I moved in. The night I moved in I did not like it as much as I thought I might so I asked her if I could just move out. Most places I have lived in the past have a grace period where they will let you leave but this one did not apparently. The landlord told me I couldn’t leave so I left it alone. I contacted her another day and was trying to inform her that there is a possibility I will be transferred. I am an active duty military member and as most people know we move a lot so I was trying to be courteous and give her a heads up of what could come. She completely disregarded that she handled me very unprofessionally. I recorded that conversation and I have the texts. Then, weeks later she calls me randomly and tells me that I may leave if I want to, she said she was thinking about what I said about not being safe so she is ok with letting me go, I thanked her for understanding my concerns and asked her when she wanted me out she said that upcoming weekend. I thought to myself thats extremely soon but I made it happen. I don’t even have a place lined up, she gave me no time and I had already paid for that month and she wanted me out before the first. I calculated the pro rated amount and its about $120 that I paid for and I am not there. On top of that I asked her about my security deposit how it would be refunded and she told me that I won’t get anything back because I broke a lease, I paid her total $2250 and I was there less than a month. I do not know all the rules and laws but I thought breaking a lease was doing so without the landlords permission or consent, if the landlord calls you and tell you, you may leave I thought that is something different. I need help because ever since that her “boyfriend” has been threatening me nonstop text messages, saying I will be arrested, saying that I am not in the military, I will suffer the consequences. This man is saying all these things about me and he is not the landlord and I am sure Amalia (whom I’ve never met before) knows and has not intervened with his behavior. I would like some help as quickly as possible because in my case I am unfortunate because my time is so limited with the kind of work I do. I feel extremely disappointed to know how people try to take advantage of young military women.

3829 Gannon Lane Dallas, TX 75237

In my apartments both sinks in the bathroom and in the kitchen leaks and the wood Is rotten because the water has soaked it. The maintenance man came and looked at it back in April said he was ordering wood for under the sink. Ok but he didn’t fix either leaks. Everytime I call the office they tell me you have to fill out a request for repairs, It should be in the system ok so I have did these requests about 3 times. Now I need bulbs in kitchen replaced, the stove right front burner will not work, fridge makes grinding noises neither of these was new when I moved in. And mold over the tub in the bathroom. Still to no avail im frustrated and tired they have changed office personnel 3 times since I moved in November 6, 2018. The Apartments are called Cielo Ranch Apartments 3829 Gannon Lane, Dallas, TX 75237¬†¬†¬† 972-709-9551¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Fax 972-709-8517 my name Deborah Jones 3839 Gannon Lane #2320 ¬†Dallas, TX 75237¬†¬†¬† 972-748-8889 Thanks if someone can truly help me I keep paying rent on time but no cooperation from them

Paul Gary Schoenbeck, 1510 Brady St. Apt 7, Davenport, IA 52803

Paul Gary Schoenbeck and his girlfriend/employee, Debbie run a slum type apartment for students attending Palmer College of Chiropractic.  They only rent to students, because they know the students will always pay rent and will leave the state after graduating.  This is how they keep all of the security deposits.  They refuse to fix anything in the apartment, fire protection is not up to code and the basement likely has radon exposure.  They refuse to get any of it tested.  They need to be fined for how they treat the tenets.  Or at least have an inspection for their facility.  Thanks.



Carmen Campos 574 sw 132nd terrace davie fl 33325

myself and my husband have been renting a room with our 5 year old son for my landlord Miss Carmen Campos I currently paid Miss Campos $2,000 in February to fix my home. Due to black mold collapsing ceilings and Floors electrical problems with my breaker box as well as infestation of termites roaches and spiders. I continue to pay Miss Campos from the month of February to May when there was nothing improved in my home I stopped paying her she then took me to court and won her case with that being said code enforcement was contacted and deemed the home to be uninhabitable and then everyone needed to leave immediately. I would like to make sure if you’re looking in the south Florida area you do not rent for Miss Campos or anyone affiliated with her I’m trying to prevent any future tenants issues that I’m going through

Austin 101 Properties (Landlord: Doreen Tando)

Doreen Tando who owns 1825 Wooten Park Drive and her property management company, Austin 101 properties have done (or failed to do) the following while I was living in their space:

— I reported a broken heater during the coldest month of the year. I reported the issue on 12/19/17 and told them I would be leaving town for two weeks within the next few days. They failed to get a repairman out, so I came back and heater was still broken and I had to stay in my apartment when it was 20 degrees outside and my thermostat read 57 degrees.¬† I had to put in another request on 1/4/2019 before they finally sent someone to fix it.

— I had a rat issue that was addressed but went on for 3 weeks before they finally came in and sealed off all entrances for rodents to get into house. Had a rat run across my living room while i was on my couch and it also went after my dog.

— Was told when I was having breaker issues (breaker was flipping every time i used my hair dryer and had more than one light on) that I should just “knock on the neighbors door” so that i could access the breaker box in their yard and flip my breaker instead of sending an electrician out.

— had an leak in my ceilling from an overly full A/C pan that i didn’t discover until it had ruined a couple of my designer purses with water damage and mold.¬† Landlord/company refused to replace damaged items or give me a discount in rent to make up for monetary (not to mention sentimental loss).


These people don’t give a crap about their tenants. It’s a low income neighborhood and was one of the only one bedrooms I could afford because of my non-profit salary.¬† People should not rent their units, specifically if Doreen Tando is the landlord.

Mike xyiong 119 harrishof st, boston, MA 02121

My landlord not only have no respect for is tenants, he walks in my room without asking permissions, he moved my books outside without asking. he also doesn’t care about our health. There are mice, rats in the apartment. They go through our food, climb and he doesnt care. I managed to take a picture of a trapped that i bought myself as proof. Continue reading

Iman Johnson Denver’s housing authority 80120

Was assaulted from other resident and I was evicted won her in Denver’s housing court for same thing not paying $203.00 she would not take my money order and the Lady judge did not take a look at anything in my bag she said you have it in that I said yes were else should I have it she evicted me they Lock me up had to get case dismissed try to give me 36 years wow homeless for 1-29-13

1123 s pearl st

Hey my name is ashlee toler. We have a huge problem right now. My fiance and I pay all of our bills on time, we have never gotten a complain by our landlord. Until….my fiance came home from work one evening. He had realized the ceiling was cracked and had fell in. Mind you, we have told both of our landlords we needed an exterminator because it was so bad we have holes in our roof on the outside and now a huge hole on the inside from where coons and squirrels have saturated it and nest it so much it finally fell through. Well after we have called them out NUMEROUS times for the problems and many more others, they proceed to then place a note on the door terminating our lease agreement, all because we demanded an exterminator and they REFUSE to pay for one. So now we have until the end of this month to get out…and it’s all because we’ve asked for the house to be fixed for livable conditions again..we do not want an eviction on our record for an apartment that isn’t even decent living and all because we have spoken up. We have roaches, mice, coons, squirrels AND beetles…and they REFUSE to get it taken care of so they have kicked us out. Mind you also, I keep our house very very presteenly cleaned. I hate filth and all the issues along with this house is unbearable, but for us to be kicked out for speaking up not once or twice but SEVERAL times about the issues of this really hurting us and we need someone to stand by us and help prove our innocence of this unfair situation.

Greedy Dishonest Management of Villas at Waterchase Lewisville

We rented an apartment at Villas at Waterchase. Address – 165 N. Old Orchard ln, Lewisville TX 75067.¬†This apt was in a bad condition since the first day, when the manager showed it to us, we took picture of every damage and problem areas, asking them to fix those problems. We also emailed them all the detailed photos for their record. Cabinets were too old, its wood was rotten and crumbling on touch. Also the cabinets under kitchen and bathroom sinks were dirty and had rotten wood. Also these apartments had very bad insulation. So it was uninhabitable during this year’s (2017-2018) harsh winter. Cold breezes flowed into the house from gaps in patio door all through the winter. The management never fixed these problems even after we complained. As a result we had to look for another place and move. We only stayed there for 6 months and did NO further damages at all. While leaving we cleaned the apartment properly and also took photos as proof. Still the management is charging us money for damages knowing full well that their apartment has rotten wood cabinets, several old damages and bad insulation which is uninhabitable condition.
On top of all this management is very very rude to the tenants.
Also they entered a wrong date of our lease end in the rentcafe website and made us pay extra money for conservice utility. I made several conplaints to conservice, they listened and made the corrections but this greedy management never returned us our money. They are so dishonest and greedy.

Shelley Li, 49, Grant Ave, Belmont, MA 02478

Let me debrief on the challenges.

Landlady: Shelley Li,

Address: 49, Grant Ave, Belmont, MA 02478.


  1. Misrepresentation of utility bills to be around $50 per month, when we ended up paying 2-3 times it.
  2. Not taking any action initially against an erring and threatening roommate who would be very aggressive. Finally, she paid him a cash of $1750 to leave the place.
  3. Structural issues with the apartment – fire alarm malfunctioning, dampness in ceiling.
  4. Wildlife issue: Creatures in the attic/wall, which disrupted our stay. The landlady didn’t heed to our requests and complaints on this. Instead of calling pest control or wildlife, she called her Chinese contractors who were not adept to handle this situation. The result, we ended up staying in an unlivable condition from September’ 2017 onwards.
  5. Unfulfilled promises: She promised getting a door latch, room door key and a proper place to hang the clothes. But none of these were provided.
  6. Misguidance on lease: She labelled the “Deposit Receipt” as the lease document and even didn’t tell that it was a sublet for one of the persons.
  7. Debt collection from Belmont light and National Grid: Even though we paid pur utility bills on time, she defaulted on her payments to the authorities.

It has been a harrowing stay at 49, Grant Ave, Belmont. Would be helpful to have guidance on how can we take a legal action against the unethical behavior of the landlady.