Aron, Roosevelt Estate, 3200 South Theodore Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57106


I reported the mold issue to the landloard on 26th January, 2018 and expressed my intention to move out as soon as possible. The landlord dispatched a man to simple brushed the molds to make them temporarily invisible. However, the landlord did nothing to resolve the cause of the molds. The molds reappeared within just a week. Then we received a strict letter to tell us to be responsible for the 60 days, which is a term in the leasing agreement we signed.  We were forced to pay rent for an apartment with molds for another 60 days and had to stay in an apartment with molds for another 2 months. During these 60 days, both my daughter and I felt depressed and suffered from itchy eyes, and my daughter frequently has headache and diarrhea. We never had these symptoms before and I am sure all these are linked to molds since we have been exposed to molds for more than 2 months.

Does the landlord have the right to force tenants to live in his rental property when it is no longer suitable for them to live? I cannot understand why the landlord insisted that we must be responsible for 60 days when he had already known the mold issue. We are tenants, not prisoners. Even if we were prisoners, we would still be entitled to living in a prison that wouldn’t harm our health. The relationship between landlord and tenant is like the relationship between seller and buyer. , which the buyer pays money for good quality product. If buyer receives a defective item, he has the right to ask for a refund. In the same way, we pay rent for an apartment that won’t harm our health. An apartment with molds is like a defective product, therefore,  the landlord has no right to force us to be responsible for the 60 days and to force us to pay rent for an apartment with molds. I understand the landlord wants to make as many profits as possible. However,  the money he earns shouldn’t be at the price of tenants’ health.

We would appreciate if this website could help us.

Thank you.


Mike Davis 1469 Pearson Ave SW Apt D Birm Al 35211

I have informed my landlord that my apt had bed bugs and he will not hire a real exterminator he sprays himself which doesn’t work and he’s not consistent and to top it off now I have rats in my apt and all he has done was put down traps and poison which I’ve done. I have a 3 year old that’s sick and he’s aware of this and I’m fed up cause I have to pay rent somewhere I’m not comfortable. I’ve thrown out thousands of dollars of furniture because of the bedbugs and I’m fed up. Then the stairs leading up to my apt needs to be fixed one step already broke thank god no one was hurt but instead of replacing all of the steps he only replaced the one. I have pics and videos of my evidence.

Erin Thomas 463 Foley Rd. Windsor, NY

 Erin Thomas 463 Foley Rd. Windsor, NY

Do not work with the landlord Erin Thomas, 463 Foley Rd, Windsor, NY. Not only will she nickle and dime you for her prior issues with the residence, she will not fix the black mold issue in the house. After we informed her that the entire first floor was riddled with black mold – not only did WE have to scrub the walls and ceiling clean with bleach but also were charged with a high electricity bill to run a dehumidifier 24/7 to “fix” the problem. She never fixed the ruined carpet nor reimbursed us for any of the problems the black mold caused. We had personal property damaged in the process and also didn’t have good health while living there. Terrible living conditions with a self-serving landlord. Don’t live at 463 Foley Rd in Windsor, NY.

Vince Decker Windermere Property Management Company Washington

Vince Decker Windermere Property Management Company Washington

Vince Decker Windermere Property Management Company Washington. I moved into this premise on  a 12 month lease agreement. When I first moved into this property the dishwasher and kitchen sink were not working well, hardly any water was being pushed through. I sent in a request to the property management to fix this issue because we were having to wash our dishes in the bathroom sink, this request was submitted on the date we moved in  and not completed for several months thereafter. (I have a copy of all maintenance requests) After this was completed we noticed a large amount of water downstairs coming from right below where the kitchen sink and dishwasher are. The piping was too lose and had flooded out the downstairs below, the water damage knocked out the ceiling panels and flooded the carpet. I immediately notified the property management of this problem. They sent out a guy to “stop the leak” however he did nothing with the property thereafter in regards to the water damage. This request was made on 2/01/2018 todays date is 3/31/2018 and the damage and water has still yet to be addressed. This living area is where in children’s living space is, they no longer could use the own space downstairs because the mold odor was becoming and became a very real health concern, I have six children,  twins that are under the age of 1 still and my elderly father with COPD, and I myself have serve asthma. I was asked to renew my lease and was unsure because of the inhabitable living conditions. I stated I would do a month to month thereafter when the lease expires. The management company responded with the owner stating he will not do a month to month. With children and an elderly father whom I provide care for and little money to move I agreed to resigning the lease. The management company then replied that the owner wants me out and wishes to sell the property. My lease expires today and the house is already up for rent on Windermere’s renting  sight. I feel as though I was discriminated against for requesting maintenance in which  was entitled to request in accordance to our lease agreement. The management company is requesting the keys back regardless of me requesting

Grove Apartments on 2928 E Osborn Rd, phoenix az 85016

Grove Apartments on 2928 E Osborn Rd, phoenix az 85016

Grove Apartments on 2928 E Osborn Rd, phoenix az 85016 ph# 6029555960 has been having a rat problem for over a year. Upon my daughter moving in she was not told that there is a rat problem. My daughter has lived there for a month and still nothing has been done about the problem. My daughter has a son that is 4 years old and to have to sleep hearing rays in the air vents. I have been miserable this past month not being able to cook in my own kitchen and having to always check on my son. I asked to move buildings and be compensated for the month of misery that my son and i had to deal with. The manager was rude and told me im sorry we can’t help you. Please let me know what legal actions can be taken

Orvick Property Management Sunnyvale California Villa Oaks Apartments

Orvick Property Management Sunnyvale California

Villa Oaks Apartments SunnyvaleCA 94086.

Orvick Property Management Sunnyvale California. I am desperate need of help. I have lived in same complex unit at Villa Oaks Apartments in Sunnyvale for 8 years. No hot water for 12 months in bathroom sink. For the last 2 years the unit needs repairs. I have no hot water in my bathroom sink and the bath tub always day and night leaks a lot of wasted water. The apartment has never been renovated since I moved 8 years ago. They recently fired the on site manager and have no one over seeing tenants needs. I recently got a notice of an area manager reaching out to help. I informed her of issues and she answered that the office lost or mis placed my house key. I told them this was an incident for them to replace my house unit key locks and they have failed. It has been a struggle to have other tenants follow lease rules. People from upstairs at 1 am doing laundry and being very distruptive. I need help. Every year they increase rent but nothing is being done to have a safe and better living condition. I have emailed Orvick Property Management and have not been answered.

Thank you

Maria Ramirez #10

Jamie Quintana-440 Alexander Street, Buford, Ga 30518

Jamie Quintana-440 Alexander Street, Buford, Ga 30518

Do not rent from this person.

I was there for two months and she had me evicted bc I would not sign a false lease lying for her to the local school district. After two months she evicted my son and I, took my deposit, and charged me over 3000 in repairs when I never even hung a picture . That’s just the tip of the ice berg. Point is. Do not rent from her.

Shelby Martin, Clancy Hills Apartments, 100 Clancy St, Salisbury, NC 28147

Shelby Martin, Clancy Hills Apartments, 100 Clancy St, Salisbury, NC 28147

Shelby Martin. The manager of Clancy Hills in Salisbury Nc. She is very rude and uptight. She releases personal information about the people who are renting. She comes unannounced and says very disgusting mean things to all the tenants. She needs to be removed if she can not respect others. She has falsely added income to tenants paperwork so their rent can go up.

1218 – 1220 W Thorn, San Diego, CA 92103, Deborah Schowalter

1218 – 1220 W Thorn, San Diego, CA 92103, Deborah Schowalter

This landlord is a nightmare!! Run! Landlord owns several properties in two states, has been sued over 50 times in two states and four counties which three of the four counties are in California. Has over 30 some small claim cases filed against this landlord in San Diego super court house alone. Several harassment orders filed against this Landlord

Deborah Schowalter, San Diego, CA

in several counties by previous tenants and neighbors. Restraining orders filed against this land lord by her neighbors and previous tenants.  What more do you need to know, just do your home work and you will know everything you need to conclude to not rent from this landlord.


Matt Novelli AG Real Estate, 700 Maple Grove Rd, Bulger, PA, 15019

Matt Novelli AG Real Estate, 700 Maple Grove Rd, Bulger, PA, 15019

Matt Novelli owns AG Real Estate in McDonald, PA. His leasing agent is Francine (“Frannie”) Garrett and other property manager is Breanne Terrill. On February 22nd 2018, I signed a lease with Garrett to transfer to another apartment. The new apartment was filthy (syringes, medicine, drugs, dust, cat urine, dilapidated bathroom, etc) and after continuously notifying Terrill and Garrett, they were 6 days behind our leasing agreement. It is now March 16th with no resolution or communication on their end.

Dena Smith Crye-leike Realtors Tennessee

 Dena Smith Crye-leike Realtors Tennessee

Hi hello I’m Mr. Ricky I’ve been a tenant of Dena Smith who works through crye-leike Realtors she has a nasty attitude she refuses to to repairs things in home she has been notified of roach infestation an rat infestation she also harassed me with a situation that had nothing to do with rent she demanding I open my door after I told her I had the flu I told her my wife wasn’t home an she yell banging on the door I didn’t get smart or anything she makes crye-leike company look so bad she hasn’t fix anything in this apartment I also have pictures as proof.

Joann Dubois 317 grove avenue, petersburg va 23803

Joann Dubois 317 grove avenue, petersburg va 23803

Our landlords name is Joann Dubois are address is 317 grove avenue in petersburg va 23803 i am writing u this because she has done nothing for us. We have been dealing with the neighbors down stairs smoking weed, now spraying heavy cleaner that is very toxic to not only me but my kids and my boyfriend. Every time we ask her to do something she just tells us to go to the cops. She told us before she does anything the man down stairs has to be in jail. This place got busted before for having a wanted fugitive down stairs and she didn’t want to even come here when it happen because her friend was over.This is not a safe environment for me or my children to live. I believe all she cares about at the end of the day is the money and to me that is what u call a slum lord we message her all the time and she does not get in contact with us. We really need help if u can help us we would appreciate it a lot im just a mother concerned about her children and safety.

Land lord Dena Smith who work for crye-leike Chattanooga TN Hixson location

Dena Smith has abandoned her property here in Georgia she is a unprofessional lazy land lord that doesn’t fix anything ive tried contacting Chattanooga TN offices of crye-leike Location in Hixson the dry wall is falling from the ceiling an I pay 650 she tried to evict me on the day I paid rent because she wanted me to do a side job for her an I got busy she harrassed the property yelling banging in doors an more something has to be done about her

bedbug infestation

i am posting this for a friend who is afraid of retaliation if she makes a report. The woman lives in Canyon Creek apartments. She has SEVERE health issues. I will note the most recent of many things I have seen wrong with this whole evolution. This lady is OCD tidy. I cannot explain enough how traumatizing this situation is for her. She first last year was telling me she was disgusted and unsettled by the fact she found roaches in her kitchen. I came over and did a simple bug bomb and problems seemed to be solved. Then she showed me evidence of bedbugs. (I was an Instructor at a school that taught those classes so I have heard these type of conversations among those instructors. Real life horror stories about bedbugs and all the exterminator stories about how the real parasite was the exterminator in some aspects.,regardless ..) Well my friend is a very up front and down to earth honest person. She was thinking of only doing the right thing and reported her dilemma to the management of Canyon Creek Apts. They told her she was responsible for the bedbugs and she must pay the $250 per room fee to get rid of these pests. So she said she could, and the management was more than happy to let her make payments. (Truly Nolan is on premesis almost like this has a never ending plot you see. Well now, another person in the same building is HEAVILY infested. Far worse than my friend. Like 2 days later. And she told the staff about it, (she has a baby and very young boy) and they said she will have to pay for it and if not my friend will have to pay HER extermination fees. This I believe has been an ongoing problem BEFORE my friend even moved here. I believe these buildings should have been tented a long time ago and are perpetually being a health hazard that will never get remedied and the renters are hit with the bill. The bugman just smiles and writes a bill. They cant even say where this stemmed from and are trying to flip the bill on my friend with really no proof she was the cause of this disgusting matter. Can you please steer me in the right direction here. These apartments are way terrible compared to the picture you see in the advertisements. My friend had to show an inch thick(got pics) gob of black mold to get the management to give her another dishwasher. Reason it didnt work…BLACK MOLD CLOGGED IT until it stopped working. I think this complex needs a very in depth and seriously needed health inspection or something to keep people from paying rent to be bilked at every turn for shoddy rentals. Some may be nice but this poor woman has been getting stuff”repaired” for a very long time and its always to the tune of some other fee. Please help. Thank you very much for your time.

202 Kaylor Drive Auburndale, Fl 33823 Slumlord in Auburndale Florida

I am having a problem with my daughter’s landlord. She just moved into a mobile home at 202 Kaylor Drive Auburndale, Fl 33823. There is mold in the kitchen cabinets, The windows were sealed shut and the frames are falling apart, the Central Air does NOT work, and there are exposed electrical wires that have ALREADY caused a fire.

She moved in to this unit with two roomates and 1 of them is pregnant and due in a month. My daughter has heat exhaustion and heat stroke and this rental has NO air coming in. Who can I report this to?

When they first viewed the rental, the managing agent told them that it needed work but that the work WOULD GET DONE. Now, the management agent is a “ghost” and the landlord does NOT want to make any “costly” repairs.

Park on Memorial Apartments, Houston, Texas

I and my husband live in Houston, TX in park on memorial apartments. My apartment building was submerged under water during Harvey and we were evacuated for 2.5 weeks (we are on the 3rd floor, the first floor was submerged) . The apartment management (parent company is finger companies) asked us to move in as soon as the power was back on and didn’t check for any mold or any other pollutants. they changed the A.C vents only 2 months later. we kept falling sick every now and then and in November my husband contracted a virulent oral infection- the cause of which was determined to be environmental. on top of that, after Harvey, they have been illegally renting apartments – there is someone else on paper and the actual resident is someone else. I was privy to a loud altercation between a male and female person with murderous threats from the apartment below mine and when I reported this, the manager Jessica Sanfiel claimed full knowledge and said that there isnt supposed to be a male person on the lease and that they dont know who is living there.

And they have been rebuilding the 1st floor apartment ever since September(it still isn’t over). on top of that center point energy is doing some construction next door and they start with heavy machinery at 7 AM and do it throughout the day. I have begged pleaded, written letters, emails etc to the management to let us out of the lease. The corporate management is absolutely invisible. There is no way to contact them and we can only talk to the apartment manager- Jessica Sanfiel. She has quoted an amount which  1.5 times the amount that would cost to keep the apartment, to let us out. We cannot afford that. We have already moved out as we cannot afford the medical bills if we stay in this apartment.

I need help to complain about the state of things in my apartment complex- the noise and the health hazards.

105 Pilling Street Alvin Keyes

This man is a con artist. When I first dropped my deposit I paid for the month and waited nearly TWO WEEKS for a key which i then received upon threatening to take my money back. In the three years i have lived there he has not given anyone their security back. Not one person. Slacks on repairs. Confrontational. Comes in the apartment WHENEVER UNANNOUNCED and tells you how to live not clealiness wise but personally this man will tell you how to live. DO NOT RENT WITH THIS MAN HE WILL ROB YOU. He is currently charging 1,000$ for my old room which started at 600$ 

1736 Lafayette Ave, Niagara Falls, NY, 14305 Jeffrey ‘Jeff

When I did a walk through of the apartment, the carpets needed to be shampooed and the closet door fixed. I was advised the apartment will be cleaned upon moving in and the closet door fixed. The day of moving in the carpet had the same cigarette scent and stains that I complained about when seeing the apartment. I also realized that the closet door was still falling off the hinge. I did not make it an issue although that was my first red flag. The apartment seemed outdated for the price but the apartment complex employee, Gail, stated that “everything was renovated due to a fire a couple years back.” I could now see that was the second lie to get the apartment rented. The next red flag is that your first month rent is free as a ‘moving special’ when you sign a year lease. Every month you have from the 1st of the month to the 5th of the month to pay the rent. This was my first month living there. On the 6th of the month, I received a letter stating that not only did I owe them the first month’s rent but I also owed them a $25.00 late charge. Talk about deceit? I later realized that everything in the apartment is outdated and is the cause of the previous fires in the units. The agent made it seem as if they had a fire and that was the reason for ‘renovation’ but in fact because they refuse to fix anything for years on end, that was the cause of the fire. I have major electrical problems such as dead outlets, flickering lights all of which my complaints have been ignored. I have major flooding with my toilet each week and somethings it does not even flush. Talk about the well-being of a tenant, I do not even have a carbon monoxide detector, a violation of the resident’s code according to NYS law. The ‘amenities’ around the complex such as the laundry room where the machines charge per load does not work. The management knows this, and when you complain they tell you too bad the money is now theirs. This behavior also correlates with other tenants complaints of them never returning their security deposit. The problems and disrespect living here is never-ending. I’m hoping this complaint can get to correct officials to expose these scam artists. So many people cannot be wrong on the reviews of ApartmentsNiagara, and no one should consider these shady heartless criminals to rent from. The landlord Jeffrey Williams is the true definition of a slumlord, and his regional manager Tracey Gariano-Scalzo whose sister also works there, Gail Gariano should be ashamed of themselves along with her husband the maintenance supervisor, Mark Scalzo, Katelyn Wilson the front desk assistant and Sarah Bauer-Saunders, the Property Manager.  

1104 Hardy Avenue Gulfport, MS 39501 Niya Fairley

We were already living in the home as of July 2016, when the new landlord took over ownership of the property in November 2016. When we originally moved in, we asked that the front fence be repaired and the landlord agreed but sold the home before she fixed it. We were told that no changes would be made to the original lease.
The new landlords, Niya & Gerald Fairley, never came down for an inspection of their property when we signed the new lease, 4 months after we signed the original one. We were told we had to sign a new lease or they would not continue our rental with them. A family member of theirs brought the new lease already signed by Niya Fairley, her husband Gerald Fairley never signed any of the documents we have received. We did an inspection of the home and wrote down some concerns, we told them the windows and doors needed to be repaired. We have text message printed out between us and them all way to November 2016. In them they discuss my husband doing repairs. Gerald Fairley came out in December to look at a couple things, still did no official inspection. I brought them out to show them the broken fence and the broken post in the driveway. My husband showed them the windows, doors, knocking plumbing and the broken stove.
At the beginning of lease, they sent their maintenance man without notice and he came in the house when only our teens were here, both underage and our son is Autistic. We told them that was not acceptable and we needed notice so that an adult could be in the home. We told them that our son is autistic and that he could not open the windows to get out if there was a fire. So they came and installed fire alarms. The maintenance man also had to put the window back in that had fallen out of it’s frame. The back door came off the hinges and is rotting.. which we also told them, my son was almost injured when the door came off because he has muscle coordination disorder and lost his balance.
After asking for months for the windows and doors to be fixed.. we were told that someone would come to put screens on them, no have screens. Then we were told that they would all have to be replaced because they are old and don’t fit the frames they are in. Then we were told that they cost too much and would not be fixing anything else.
Gerald Fairley came down in May and I gave him a notice of repairs, he looked at the back door.. he put one screw in it to hold it up, and lay on the ground to look at the rot that my husband showed him in the floor. The door fell off again after he left.. so my husband bought a pack of long wood screws and put the door back on, again. Gerald said he would not be doing anything to the windows to weatherize them because they would be replaced. Gerald asked my husband to put some screws in the window that kept falling out in our bedroom so that it would not fall out again and said they would be fixed.
When he returned to California, his wife, Niya informed us that the windows would not be replaced. And that the windows and door were weather sealed by her husband when he was down. Which he did not.
In the notice of repairs that we handed him it asked for repairs be done to, the pipes, windows, doors and fence. They had the pipes fixed, no other repairs were made to the other issues.
The windows either don’t stay open, slam shut, get stuck open or fall out in your hand. None of them have screens. My son can not open the windows and we have video of him trying to open them and one of them slamming down. We also have video where one came out in my husband’s hand. The doors are not secure. You can push them open unless the deadbolt is locked instead of the other lock. The back door has no dead bolt so is the least secure. It also is not sealed properly so bugs can come in the cracks, this is the rotting door. They told us that they would fix the fence but were going to charge us for the repairs. I have letters from neighbors to show that the fence was broken before we moved in in July 2016. We also have all texts & Emails from them printed out from back to November 2016. We also have multiple letters to quit with different dates on each one from the landlords, that we received after I sent the first notice of repairs. In June, I could not pay rent on time, so I requested an extension. Gerald agreed if I also paid fees. Which I agreed in our conversation, because in the past fees were reasonable. We paid everything except $50 of June’s rent on the 16th, and I got a text from Niya Fairley saying she was now going to charge us $140 in fees. In July, I deposited a check into their account, which since they did not set up a website for payments like their lease said.. they asked us to deposit the rent instead. On the Official Check that my husband deposited, my husband wrote, “$50 of remaining June’s rent and $800 for July’s rent” the total check was $850. We were told that we were getting charged more fees because the rent was not paid.. more than once I clarified that I did pay rent.. but I would not pay the excessive late fees. They said they put the money that we deposited toward June’s rent and all the late fees, and that we still owed rent for July. Which I told Niya again that I did not pay any fees, that I only paid the rents for June and July.
They did not do the repairs on the first letter, except the pipes, so I sent a second notice of repairs over a month later, a copy of the first one that my husband, Nick gave Gerald Fairley in person, and a bill for repairs that my husband had to do to the home, including the window that fell out and the door that fell off the hinges 3 times.
Now, because I refuse to pay the excessive fees they are harassing us with 3 day notices and letters to quit, texts and emails so that we will just leave.
We have been trying to leave.. and when a potential landlord called the Fairleys, they talked down about us to them, so we were turned down for that place. We are still looking but are not sure if we will get out by the time that they want us out, which is August 8th.


2100 NW 83RD AVE, Sunrise FL 33322 Evevett Finklea

Evevett Finklea is the landlord at 2100 NW 83RD AVE Sunrise FL 33322. I moved in April 2017, the home was not in good conditions, the roof was leaking water in the home, roaches in the home, water coming up from tile floors, mold started building in parts of the home. The landlord would cut corners when fixing the problems in the home. I had no privacy in the home, the landlord would knock on my room window or enter through the garage door with code without any notice given. The landlord sent two unlicensed guys to the home at 8 am in the morning to so call fix the roof, the guys didn’t leave until 9 pm that night, no notice was given to me by the landlord. I called a licensed roofing company to come out and look at the roof and was told that the roof needed to be replaced or the roof would cave in.The landlord didn’t replace the roof, she had the guys patch up parts of the roof. I informed the landlord that the motor in the pool needed to be replaced, and she didn’t replace it. I was paying the pool company to come out and clean the pool and within days the pool would get dirty again. I requested that she end the lease because the home had become unliveable there, of course, she said no. I had to call the city on her for so many violations in the home. The city came out and saw what was going on in the home, and give her two weeks to fix everything that was a violation. She then told me that she would end my lease and I had two weeks to move out. I moved out on June 29,2017, I give her a security deposit of $1900.00, the landlord only gave me 1000.00 back. She said it was for the damages I made while living there for three months. On July 1, we made plans to walk through the home, she assaulted me with a stick and hit me several times with her hands.