Leslie Beachwood

Leslie Beachwood requires a “rent lock” fee of $1,500 payable upon execution of the lease. This fee is non-refundable and allows you the privilege of having the peace of mind that you will be able to not only rent the house (as it is required), but you will be allowed to renew your lease at a maximum rent increase for the second lease term of only 5%. Per NH state law any money received outside of or in addition to rent payment is considered a “deposit” and has to be refundable and placed in an interest bearing account. This fee that Leslie requires is only the cherry on top of having to sign paperwork making your contractually responsible for all house maintenance and upkeep and liable for any damage incurred by your “negligence” such as the roof leaking from ice dam formation, appliance failure, boiler failure etc etc etc. All of this information is given to you after she spends a week calling your current employer, former employer and personal and professional references in addition to running a full credit check and background check. Leslie even asks for your checking account number/s and balances and your credit card account numbers and balances!!! Almost forgot, you have to supply your own washer dryer and lawn equipment! We paid $100 for application fees, expedited shipping of application to Oregon (where she lives) and had already purchased a washer/dryer and lawnmower for the property when we were informed that our “issues” with the rent lock contract caused her to rescind our offer. Thank goodness in hindsight, but still out $600 for nothing! INSANE